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Thrifted Sunday

This was the week of the vintage Pendleton Wool Shirts. I found 4 in one store! These sell exceptionally well on ebay right now so I have them ready to be listed tonight. I need a little spending money for BlogHer Food next week!

I actually managed to raise most the money I needed to pay my way to BlogHer Food 2010. I made my money go a little farther by booking a great room at The Mosser, the same place I stayed last year. I love this hotel, it has great rates, PERFECT location and lovely rooms. And you know what? The coffee in the morning is actually good coffee, good free coffee. They are located on 4th and Market near:
  • the cable car line stops
  • the street trolleys 
  • a muni bus stop 
  • a bart station
  • next to the Old navy flagship store
  • SOMA
  • Union Square
  • shopping shopping shopping
In my humble opinion the best of everything about San Francisco is literally within your grasp. Oh and yeah it's close to the Intercontinental where BlogHer Food 10 is being held, too! Perfect location, price and awesome rooms. If you don't yet have a room for BlogHer Food 10 check them they may yet have rooms available. Let me know if you're staying there, we can have a pajama cocktail party!
GORGEOUS Lobby Truly Beautiful in Real Life Too!

OK back to thrifted Sunday. These are the Pendleton shirts I found:

Awesome hunh?

I also found this great Discovery Toys Marble Maze:

This train set up, already listed and bid on!

And last but not least a Tupperware Modular Mates set. Also already listed and bid on.

So I may yet have some spending money for my Chinatown excursion with Susan and our blogger meet-up dinner at Chez Panisse!! Oh life is good folks, life is good! Do you have great finds this week? Why not share them at Southern Hospitality and Apron Thrift Girl? And if you are coming from those blog hops why not check out Just Another Meatless Monday right here starting 10pm tonight AK time, 2am Eastern Standard. This is a weekly collection of meatless ideas for meatless Monday, you're welcome to share a link to your blog with your new or old post featuring a vegetarian meal. We'd ALL love to check out your blog!

Peace and Love--


  1. I used to do the same thing, I'd visit thrift stores and buy things to sell on ebay. I would have MANY things listed, it was insane. I stopped a few years ago and now I'm blogging. Still spending insane hours on the internet, just in a different way. Go figure!

  2. Where the hell do you find the time and energy? You really are the Queen of All! I still need to take pics and list my FireKing!

  3. I know Jods!! Favorite big city so far anyway!

  4. Oh, what great finds! The Discovery Toys Marble Maze makes me so nostalgic for the days when I used to buy those toys for my kids!

  5. I wish I was going to San Francisco right now also! My company is based there so a couple of times a year, I travel to SF. I always stay in the Union Square area and always fit in a visit to Chinatown.

  6. Hope you have a good time in San Fran!


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