Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Yeah I'm Fat So What?


Yeah I'm Fat So What?

I guess I'm writing this to out myself to people who don't know me. {Ahem} To whom it may concern: I don't have a magazine perfect body. I am a real living and breathing human being who likes to eat more good food than I really should and I know this. I like cookie dough, real milk with cream on the top, good cheese, peanut butter and chocolate and a good steak. I also like kale chips, roasted brussel sprouts, broccoli and I am likely to push small people down to get a carrot out of my garden.

When I tell people I am speaking at BlogHer Food next week on Values - Our Food Future: Kids, Cooking and Health if they know me well they don't bat an eye. But people who don't know me or care to take the time to know me tend to look me up and down as if saying "you? what could possibly know about feeding your kids real good food, you're so, so fat." Well I happen to think I know a whole lot about getting kids to eat and like healthy foods because I grew up eating good and healthy foods. I grew up in the dieting crazes of the 70s and 80s too so I also know the dangers of diets for kids.  I know letting them feel hungry and then satisfied are really important. I share my love of good food with my kids and they seem to have their 'full' instinct firmly intact. Mine has been dieted right out my body. That is a bad thing. This I know.

I also expect them to eat what I put in front of them, and I can tell you this, it is not and will never be cutesy funsy food to get them to eat. No squeeze apple sauce, lunchables, dino shaped nuggets of chicken goo or gummy 'fruit'. Real food, the best I can give them at that point in my life wheter it's organic or not or free range or no range it comes from me with love. Every time. Healthy eating is about so much more than the foods you can or can't afford.

So please don't be too surprised next week if you meet me for the first time or come to the panel I'm on, I'm not a perfect size anything and I'm working really hard to like myself where I am. But where am I? Recovering from ankle surgery 1 1/2 years ago. I'm 45 pounds lighter than I was last year at this time. I am happily involved in some thing(s) I love. Mom to 3 boys. Married to a great man. Mentally I'm great and I love where I am, which is I guess right where I want to be.

Peace and Love-


  1. Well I think you're just awesome. When I think of the moms I aspire to be like, you're at the top of my list.

  2. Oh my god darls you're FAT? Really? Well, that won't do, how on earth can I take you seriously now?

    ROFL! I couldn't care if you could sink the Titanic - I for one think you're one very intelligent woman and am proud to know you (albeit via cyber space).

    Still have it on the to do list to come and visit you one day :-)

  3. Laura, I loved this post. Amen. I wish I could be there to hear you speak, but I KNOW you know about feeding your kids healthy, nutritious and delicious food, without any crazy packaging or dyes. It's a shame if anyone else doesn't get that, and their problem, not yours!

    And I just found out I can comment again! Hurrah!

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  5. Here's to kids who don't know what Hamburger Helper is! Congrats on being who you are & I'm sure your kids are benefitting from that too!


  6. Ok, I am actually saddened/mad at our society that you felt like you needed to write this post to "out" yourself.

    #1 Dislike negative self talk. Fat is such an ugly word!

    #2 I agree w/ Jods totally about aspiring to be an awesome mom like you. I've said it many times in the past and will continue to say it in the future.

    Who cares if you're not model thin? Who is? They are even airbrushed. How about we celebrate the fact that you lost 45 pounds in the past year- ON TOP of being an awesome mom to a fledgling adult, homeschooling 2 young boys, manning your own FARM, cooking wholesome meals from scratch, not eating out, recovering from ankle surgery, spearheading starting a new school, etc. etc. etc.

    Laura, you rock. Size 2 or size 22W. No excuses and no sorries.

  7. let me just say this......
    as your older sister....I have loved
    you all of my life....even though we haven't gotten along very well at various points in our lives.....you were my shining star when you were a baby....i love you now like i loved you when Mom and Dad let me meet you at the hospital with Grandma and Grandpa...skipping out of the house when I saw our car bringing my baby home to me....
    I am so proud of you and things that you have accomplished in your life....three kids....a wonderful husband that rocks!!.. your blogging....you have made me proud...i don't always say it or show....but i am proud of you.....
    and glad to say you are my sister....
    and REALLY who frickin' cares what size you are?? and if size matters to ppl...well...they aren't your kind of ppl. anyway!!
    Real friends are the ones who stand beside you when the world is falling away......

    Go to BlogHer and knock 'em dead,Sissy!! (Dad would be soooo proud of you!!) ...and besides..if someone has a problem...send 'em my way.....i can take care of the details!!
    LOVE YOU!! oxox Mary Beth
    your crazy big sister

  8. I love this and while I want to tell youthat you don't have to defend yourself or explain the way you look to anyone, that is easier said than done. I was really nervous about my video earlier in the week because I was afraid of being judged, but you know what? I am what I am!

    Thank you and I'm proud of you!

  9. You're fabulous and gorgeous exactly as you are...and you forgot the shirt you were going to borrow that will cover your butt....

    Also, you are not fat. You have simply taken disaster preparedness to heart and have a modest and reasonable nutritional reserve. In the apocalypse the skinny ones will die first. I, however, may outlive the entire neighborhood.

  10. I love this post Laura. It is the absolute truth. I am still trying to relearn what being full means but because of the dieting phases I went through in college. My parents forced me to try all sorts of new foods and never over-served us. I actually wrote about my parents exposing me to different foods in my round two PFB post because I think it's what is helping me straighten my life out now that I have moved past the mainstream processed food diets.

    Hugs, loves, and can't wait to see you!!!!

  11. There is no perfect size anything. Good to get it out, because no matter your size, small, medium, or large, you have nothing to apologize to anyone for. Your expertise shines from the page and that's why you are a speaker!!

  12. Hugs! Just want to affirm that you are awesome.

  13. This is a great post - and like the others here, I couldn't care less what you look like. It's all about substance! And I care about the same issues as you do - and can't wait to hear your speak at the conference next week!


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