Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: And off I go! Wait. Nope-oh yeah-Here I go!


And off I go! Wait. Nope-oh yeah-Here I go!

 I'm finally on my way to BlogHer Food 10. I spent my last day at home making food, fitting as a food blogger, no? I made beans in the crock pot for meals this week. I made a turkey pot pie (I know NOT on my meal plan!) for dinner tonight, because I was also making a blueberry pie to tide my guys over while I'm gone and it was easy to make half again more pie dough for a double whammy of mama goodness. Yesterday I made an apple blackberry crunch, Sunday 3 loaves of bread and a pan of rolls. We have a teenage son living with us again so I need to feed my boys!

I finished mt. st. laundry yesterday, folded the socks!, vacuumed the house and dog, cleaned the house top to bottom to no avail, scrubbed toilets, organized the pantry and put food away in the days leading up to this moment. The moment I head out on my own for almost a week to find adventure, meet my friends, network, connect, eat and drink. Generally I'll live some alternate life far removed from cold Alaska, sweet little boys, moody teen, loving husband, codependent turkeys and my friends.

ha! you thought I was joking!!
Yesterday my husband realized he had to home tonight in case the local government web site he maintains went down on election night. That left us in a quandary, how would I get to Anchorage if he needed to be in the Valley? After hemming and hawing I figured out a good friend was coming to town for tole painting class at the Son's of Norway Viking Hall, no, I am not making that up! I asked if I could bum a ride, luckily she wanted to show off her new ride, a 1983 Volvo Station Wagon. I kid, she would have given me a ride even if she didn't have a sweet new ride.

Her estimated arrival time came and went. Then she called, on her way, recovering from dumping five pounds of flour on her head. 5 pounds of flour on her head. We roared off with boys waving while eying the blueberry pie instead of looking at me one more time, ruled by their tummies, my boys. I sat through tole painting class where an 80 year old lady dropped a casual F bomb which made me snort out loud, nice, I know.  I called home upon my arrival at the airport 4 hours early, the pie was gone, no one missed me yet, except the turkeys.

miss these wildebeests already!
So I'm on my way or will be soon barring any more local elections and bags of flour and old ladies dropping the F bomb. My life is never dull. 

Peace and Love--


  1. So looking forward to meeting you tonight!

  2. Well I hope you have fun...everything should be a breeze after that! I wish my dog would let us vacuum him, he is an Austalian Shepherd and full of hair, no matter what the season! He runs out of the room when we turn it on! I love the look on your dogs face! :D

  3. Safe travels and can't wait to see you there!! :)

  4. LOL, your post is even funnier because I just read Steph's about last night too. Life is never dull, ESPECIALLY with Steph around. :)


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