Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: BlogHer Food ReCaps**UPDATED** 17 links


BlogHer Food ReCaps**UPDATED** 17 links

BlogHer Food 2010. The goods. The swag. The fugly. 
  1. Fab Frugal Foodie  Top 10 Highlights From BlogHer Food
  2. OMG Yummy OMG BlogHerFood 
  3. my write up Underwriters Labratory and a Side of Safety
  4. my write up Swag For You! (giveaway post)
  5. Mrs Q. Fed Up With Lunch Revelations
  6. Flavorstitch Food on the Mind 
  7. Mom Food Project BlogHer Food, Wild Rice Salad and Tossing Things Together
  8. 5 Second Rule Etiquette
  9. Will Write For Food BlogHer Food The Love Fest 
  10. Wenderly BlogHer Food 10 Spoken Through Photos 
  11. VirgoBlue BlogHer Food and I come full Circle 
  12. HP Photo Booth link 
  13. Charlie Bakes BlogHer Food Report 
  14. Wendolonia BlogHer Food 10 Overview
  15. The Italian Dish 
  16. Two Peas and Their Pod 
  17. Use Real Butter 
  18. Flavorstitch 
  19. Dine and Dish 
So I am heading home today. I will have limited wifi but keep the links coming and I will be adding them as wifi permits either on the plane or in the airports.

Peace and Love--


  1. Thanks for the awesome list of recaps and safe travels, Laura!

    I miss you but am so glad to have spent more time with you. I'm already looking forward to next year! :)

    I assume I'll do a recap of my own at some point, but I'm both exhausted from the trip and consumed by work this week. I should have stayed in SF!

  2. Hope you are having safe travels home. Thanks for including my link and putting this together.

    Can you believe the amazing SF weather? It's in the 90's here in San Jose.

    I make a pretty awesome Hawaiian spam musubi -- don't know how it would taste with mashed potatoes though :-)

  3. Sounds like you had a great time, hooray!

  4. Thanks for doing such a great roundup! Love re-living the weekend with new eyes.


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