Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: An invitation to get creative


An invitation to get creative

What can you do with a plain pencil box, recycled cardboard and some thrifted paint? What about some Levi's that just don't fit your son and maybe never did? A mesh bag bound for the trash and a spruce cone stolen from a squirrel? If you have a camera and a hot glue gun you can do ALL sorts of things.

Starting tomorrow I'll be hosting a creative, thrifted, ebay, etsy, homemade present- apalooza link party. Basically if you can make it, bake it, recycle it, sell it or create it you'll be invited to link up. I'll be making a button here soon to grab if you want it and I'll hopefully have a name for this link-apalooza party. Etsy shops, tutorials, ideas, gifts, decorating ideas, recipes and thrift store find all work in this link party so I do hope you'll join me for a new twist on my Thrifted Sunday posts. And come back tomorrow for the answer about the plain pencil box, Levi's and a mesh bag, three thrifty ways to stretch your money is all I'm gonna tell you for now.

Peace and Love--


  1. Okay, I am going to finish my dog sweater, which I am making from a hat. yeah!!


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