Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Making Jelly or Jam From Frozen Berries and Fruit


Making Jelly or Jam From Frozen Berries and Fruit

Why yes you can! All summer I spend little bits of time putting away fruits and berries as they come into season. I freeze them for later when life isn't so hectic. For days when summer seems so far away and I need a quick dose of something luscious. Like today for instance, the wind was blowing in town but calm and quiet here and then it hit like a mack truck. WIND, a 50 mile an hour north wind.

And the perfect antidote for cold, windy weather is something hot and bubbling on the stove. When it reminds you of that day in summer, when it was so hot and the berries were ripe, it is so much sweeter. I like to flash freeze my berries by laying them on a cookie sheet and freezing them for a couple hours. Bigger fruits I tend to stick to what the book says, usually it involves peeling but hardly ever blanching. Then I freeze them in 4 cup increments for crumbles, crisps, jams and jellies.

You can use them the same way you use fresh, simply thaw them first. Then proceed with your jam or jelly recipe. If you are using pectin I ALWAYS recommend Pomona Pectin because you can use no sugar, low sugar, honey or fake sugar (yick!). I look at it this way, regular store bought pectin has recipes calling for 9 cups of sugar and 5 cups of juice, that's almost 2:1 sugar to juice, that's CRAZY! Plus you end up with 6-7 jars of sugary jelly when want you really want is 2-3 jars of intensely flavored jelly, I know what I want.

Now let's just say you didn't put away any fruit or berries this summer because you don't grow them or didn't get them in season. First I'd like to say join the club, we all do that! For goodness sake I live in Alaska, there is no way I can pick all the blueberries my family eats so I buy them frozen from Azure Standard or Costco. No shame in that, they are sustainably farmed and organic. They have more air miles than I'd like but we do what we can do, right? So get out and buy some fruit or dig some out of the deep freeze and put a little sunshine in your day.

summer memories for this boy

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  1. I never thought about using frozen berries for jam - what a wonderful idea! I've always put off making it because the timing was never right when I had the fresh fruit, but now I know I can do it anytime. Fantastic! Now all i need to do is get some Pectin :)

  2. Great idea! Why should jam making be limited to the summer months.

  3. Hi Laura! So nice to meet you (super briefly) at the Foodbuzz Festival. Thanks for a great post and the pectin tips. I'm getting ready to can some Christmas gifts. Give my love to Alaska! I miss it.

  4. Ah, Laura I need to do this! I was just commenting the other day how my freezer jam supply is getting low. I certainly can't go all winter without more!

  5. Great way to bring some sunshine into the house! Yum! Great idea, too. I'm in Minnesota so not nearly as North as you but still, I get it!

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