Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: NOT Just Another Meatless Monday


NOT Just Another Meatless Monday

Sorry folks, seems someone linking up with Just Another Meatless Monday has malware or spyware on their blog or machine. I don't know if it's malicious or they have a virus but it's caused two of my readers to have evil little boxes pop up on their screen and try to hijack them when they open my blog. I have deleted all the Just Another Meatless Monday links from my blog posts and this seems to have stopped the problem, I don't know what else to do.

Do you run a link party? How do you control what people link up with? How can you? I usually visit every post that is linked up and I never have any trouble. Of course I'm on a mac and I run  firefox mozilla so the chances of me having problems are slim. Seems Internet Explorer is highly targeted and has the most trouble with these things. I wonder why?

So what is the fate of Just Another Meatless Monday? I don't know. I certainly don't want to have a blog that tries to hijack your computer, that would suck. It would be the exact OPPOSITE of what I want in fact. I don't want to drive people away because 'I may have a problem' yet I don't want to give up Just Another Meatless Monday. Ack, deadlock.

So I'd like advice please. What should I do? Is there any link up system that scans for malware/spyware/virus' in the links? How can I tell who had the problem? What would you do? Has this happened to you? Should I take the chance and continue?

We are remodeling a bit in our 1935 Colony House. Life is kinda cranky right now. We spent the day tearing out the ceiling in our dining room in preparation for Thanksgiving. What an absolute mess our house is. Dinner was fried potatoes, cheese toast and apples, completely uninspired and I forgot the apples so we basically carbed out. But, BUT our kitchen and dining room ceilings now match, they are both open ceilings with bare wood beams and the upstairs floorboards as ceiling. If you saw our house I'm sure it would all make sense. The kitchen and dining room run along the south wall and now feel like one nice long room with a high ceiling. We are well on our way to new light fixtures and closure on project that needs to be done.

And of course I'm now crazy busy with another project for school. We are having our Fall Fundraiser this week. An auction to raise money for our natural playscape playground. Thankfully I am NOT in charge of the whole thing, I'm only organizing the food. We opted NOT to have a catered dinner but a tapas style buffet, little bites of this and that. We are also having a dessert auction. My job is to round up volunteers who want to make appetizers and small bites for 150 people and/or a fancy dessert. Luckily we have fantastic volunteers and they have jumped right in to help support our school.

I do plan on actually cooking for my family this week, real food too! I also plan to:
  • figure out what to with Just Another Meatless Monday
  • Finish cleaning up after tearing down a disgusting ceiling
  • Shop for food for the Fall Auction
  • help make baskets up for the Fall Auction
  • set up the auction food
  • run the bar at said auction--BEER!
  • Completely clean my house from top to bottom including washing windows-yick
  • List more ebay items so I can finish paying back my ex-husband(long stupid story) where I had to buy my house from him and now have one payment left to go
  • post my latest video blog-Perfect Pie Dough in the Food Processor
Don't forget to give me your 2¢ on linky parties and the like, I need your advice.

 Peace and Love--


  1. I almost stopped checking out your site because of the malware problem. I was glad to see it didn't happen this visit. Good luck with your house remodle, it's always a messy process, especially around the holidays.

  2. Oh what a shame! I haven't ever had any problems with your site. It is highly unlikely the problem originated with you bearing in mind you have a Mac. As you say it is internet explorer that is usually prone Malware/Spyware problems. I'm on a Mac as well.

    I wish I had some ideas as to what you could do. I'm not very experienced at running linkies and I've never had a malware or spyware problem on or with my Mac..

    I hope some other folks out there have some ideas! I suppose this is a good reminder to anyone who is running Internet Explorer to be very sure they have good up to date anti-virus and anti-malware programmes running on their machines not just to protect themselves, but also to protect everyone else.

    Hope the remodelling continues to go well :)

  3. I haven't had any problems here. We were doing a Meatless Monday party of sorts using Mr. Linky over on the Green Phone Booth for awhile and didn't experience any issues. Best of luck - it would be a shame to discontinue the carnival.

  4. Major bummer!

    I haven't had any trouble with your site either, but I'm on a Mac as well. For my carnival (Midnight Maniac Meatless Mondays) I use Linky Tools.

    I haven't had any trouble with it so far, but my carnival is fairly new. I like that I can go in and edit or delete links if necessary. Hope you get the problem sorted out and are able to continue with Just Another Meatless Monday. I will miss it.

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

  5. I have never had a problem at your site, so this is news to me! I'm not on a Mac, but I always use Mozilla Firefox. You couldn't PAY me to use IE.

    I'm not sure if there is a link up that scans for problems? It sounds like maybe it's an IE user problem. Maybe suggest JAMM linkers use Firefox??

  6. Hi Laura, seems to be going around and i do not think it was your linky. I spoke with a computer tech guy the other day and those who have internet explorer 8 and also have firefox on their desktop and are running microsoft received a download over the last few months that add a Net. Framework addon to firefox and THIS has been causing a lot of fake virus issues. Ask users to log in with firefox. Also, if you are running any scripts on the front page of your blog (real food media widget or we just had to take down a Paper.li widget) remove those. YOu can also ask blogger to check your site for hacks. Best of luck! If you are using linky tools to link up, each week you can go in and personally check all the URLS in your manage links section and then download the static html of the links after you check them and remove the linky script. Some folks also have their security set too tight for blog browsing. Do not always assume it is your site that is infected. Alex

  7. I'm glad to say no trouble today. I also had stopped checking for fear of being re-routed and hacked. I'm just happy to read your posts again.

  8. Hi there, I am new to your blog, and I am sorry to read that you were having this problem. I have not had a linky party myself, although I am thinking about having my first one in the near future. But I did want to throw in my 2 cents with the fact that I have a PC and use Google Chrome and don't normally have a problem with malware. A while back a few sites had malware and Google Chrome wouldn't even let me enter them. They were other food blogs as well. But I have visited them since then with no issues.


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