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The Penny Worthy Project

The Penny Worthy Project:
The objective of the Penny Worthy Project is undefined as of right now. It's an idea rolling around in my head begging to get out and that's why I'm starting it without a clearly defined goal. It's a link party, it's inspiration, it's thrifted Sunday, it's your Etsy store, it's your weekly craft check-in, Ebay listings, art journal posts, recipes to share, presents to make, decorating on a budget, book selling and anything else you want it to be.
It's a study in how you are making it, surviving life with or without a job, with or with out your own home. With kids without kids. With special materials or nothing at all. What inspires you? What drives you to be creative? How are creatively making your money go farther?

This week we started making a Christmas present for Union-it's going to be a robotics parts box

start with a thrifted cheap pencil box

use recycled cardboard for dividers

make a pattern and cut as many as needed
hot glue the partitions

paint with thrifted paint
painted, drying and divided

Once painted and completed we'll fill it with small screws, switches, lights and other robotics goodies all from broken, 'useless electronics', watches and other thrifted goodies. Since he loves 'robotics' this is sure to be a hit and won't little Mr. Sir Prize be proud to give this gift to his brother?

 The net from a bag of Cuties, remember I used Cuties to brine the turkey, the bag was headed to the recycling bin when I tied it into a bow to stuff it in there. Inspiration hit and now I'm planning to hot glue some pine cones and berries to it and use it for a bow on a package for Christmas.

 And then of course we have the Levi's I bought for Hero. They were his size except that teenager had the nerve to grow! I almost sent them to the thrift store when I decided to check them on ebay. WHOA! Levi's sell well on ebay, who knew? So I took a couple shots and listed them, they had a bid in 1/2 an hour and close tomorrow. I can't wait to see how they end!

So that's how I'm making it, crafting with kids, getting inspired and making a little cash on the side.

Peace and Love--


  1. Great thought for a linky! Unfortunately, I'm all about recipes on my blog. Not crafty at ALL! I love reading your thrifting Sunday though so I'm sure I'll enjoy this as well, thanks!

  2. I love the spirit of this post, on how we make it in a down economy. I live well on a small writer's salary by thrifting and crafting. I rarely buy retail.

    I love this lifestyle, I would live frugally even if I won the lotto. :D It's a pleasure.

  3. Somehow I uploaded 3.... I think you can go into linky and delete them and just use one... so sorry about that. But hey, now we know I make beautiful things for what you do everyday! I will try to get others to join to!

  4. Oooh, clever idea. I've been considering something similar for small electronics on my desk. I was thinking an old cigar box, but those are harder to find than a pencil box. That's a better way to go. And I'll join your linky party. :)

  5. Interesting post! Came by way of Thrift Share Monday ... thanks for sharing.

  6. Great idea for a link party. Living on less, making ends meet, frugal flair

    I am sure this will grow each time you do it, and especially after the holidays


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