Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Things I LOVE this year


Things I LOVE this year

 What am I loving this year? What do I want to give this year? What do I want to get this year? Well a girl can dream right? Because we are so broke this year, er living on a budget, er paying off my creepy loser ex-husband his blood money we can't spend much money on Christmas presents to give this year. I don't care if I GET presents but I dearly love to give them so this is my way to virtually shop without spending a dime. Remember though we are hand making about 90% of our presents and you'll see those as we finish them up in the coming weeks. I have also been buying my treasures throughout the year for my family so I WILL have plenty to give. I have to admit there is a certain something to being in the little stores in downtown that makes me feel all Christmassy in my heart. But I can still get that feeling by 'virtually' window shopping and sharing my finds and of course venturing out to be amongst the crowds and 'shop' will fill that gap too.

Let's start with chocolate!

A six month chocolate subscription from Foodzie-how delicious would this be? I mean really a box of chocolate every month for 3, 6 or 12 months would be awesome. Check out the 6 month subscription of chocolate from Foodzie now!
    The Pasta Roller and Cutter set for KitchenAid-my husband would LOVE this, he loves to make fresh made pasta and with our KitchenAid it will be so easy!

    I'm always looking for things we can use whether we have power or not I'd have to say this grain mill is at the top of my list for must haves-sitting for 40 hours this fall without power opened my eyes to the reality that when the power is out we'll still have to eat.
    A grain mill will serve us for years with power and without power, this one is especially awesome.

    This top is so beautiful, I swear we had one like it when I was little--LOVE!! Check out ALL of Leman's toys, they are all safe for kids, no toxic paint here!
    Click to enlarge

    Looking a little more close to home check out the Slippery Slope Bloomer Company, located in my hometown. Their hand drawn birds on vintage and vintage inspired under garments are to die for, really amazing!
    Yellow Breasted Chat Slip

    More from Etsy this awesome funky little necklace is just so cool, I love it.
    recycled aluminum/silver HOT PINK Large square bubble pendant

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these old metal trays, you know I love trays and these are awesome!
    Vintage red drink trays with flower design

    And one more Etsy pick, this handmade owl wallet is way too cool to pass up!

    Wallet Leather Embroidered Owl Purple Green Feathers Wing Leaves Vine handmade by sewZinski on Etsy
    Oh how I would LOVE a box of fresh organic fruits and vegetable every week! I 'd love to get this one or give, what a gift to give. Full Circle farms delivers to Alaska all year round, sweet!
    Full Circle Farm
    My kids play hard with their Sarah's Silk, I'd Love to give them each a few more, especially the Starry Night from Hip Mountain Mama.
    Sarah's Silks Playsilks-Rainbow & Starry Night

    And lets end it with another bit o'chocolate from Salt Side Down Chocolates on Foodzie! yes I love chocolate, anybody remember chocopalooza from last year? Yes indeed I do love chocolate! They truffles look amazing

    and I want them now please!

    Peace and Love--


    1. You know that grinder is pure doomer porn. And so pretty!

      I have ready to dye silks - do you need one or two starry nights?

    2. Steph!!! Doomer porn?! Ok, I'd have to agree....I WANT IT! Hehem.

    3. Sorry to hear that your "blood sucking ex" has smashed your budget. All the trips to food buzz probably didn't help either...I feel for you, but I know you will make it a good Christmas regardless. I love, love, love home made gifts. I hope you post any ideas that people send you. I am in crafting mode myself.

    4. I would kill - literally kill - for one of those pasta roller/cutters. Or better yet, a pasta extruder from Williams Sonoma. It's been an unrequited obsession of mine for some time.

      Bring broke - er, tight budgeted - at the holidays sucks. I know. I hope things turn around for you!

    5. Doomer? Now that's a new one. I'm all for the Malthusian catastrophe, good times for all!


    Am I talking DIRECTLY to you? Well then let me know!