Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Just An0th//*--InTerRUpTeD!! Blogiversary Giveaway


Just An0th//*--InTerRUpTeD!! Blogiversary Giveaway

I've made it TWO years! Wahoo-anybody remember last year? The Mega Chocopalooza Blogiversary giveaway?  It was such fun I'm doing it again! Except.


You'll have to wait an ENTIRE week. Why? Because I have a whole week of giveaways leading up to the Mega Chocopalooza Blogiversay Giveaway. That's right I'm giving away prizes every day this week! But first obligatory year in review.
December was chock-a-block full of good things, one of my favorite being the awesome Buche De Noel I pulled of for Christmas Day dinner and a super cute 4 year old.
We started off the year right by observing the 12 holy nights between Christmas day and Epiphany, we ate by candle light and tried to stretch that holiday feeling. Then it was really really cold for a long time. But we kept busy!

February brought us a double birthday party. Hero and my dear husband had a valentine themed birthday party. We ate lunch and made valentines, it was a great day!

March was the beginning of break-up and we had a run of leprechaun trouble around here!

And in April and OLD friend(heheheh) posted a cobbler in jars recipe on my facebook page basically daring me to make it. I did! and I rocked them! Thankyouverymuch.

May was my birthday and brought me a brand new camera, which I'm still learning about.

June. I love June. I finally wrote a blog post I'd been wanting to write for a while, There must be 50 way to eat your veggies.

July brought Hero moving out. Oh sad and heartbreaking but also a relief in ways. I baked him lots of goodies!

August was in the midst of the rain. 32 days straight I believe. We lost our beloved dog Kami and our brand new Waldorf Inspired Charter School, Birchtree opened it's doors.

Oh fall how did you get there so soon? September was time to confess that yes indeed I am fat, wanna make something of it?

October and BlogHer Food '10, a week alone in San Francisco, does it get any better than that? Well yes it does, you can be a speaker at BlogHer Food '10, and  win 750 dollars in gift certificates to Williams and Sonoma and Cooking.com. And hang out with friends. And go to Chez Panisse. I mean really my life is so sad, HA!

November has just passed me by in a blur, I'm sure I don't need to recap that for you do I?

So that's been my year. I left out a lot I know but if I talked about everything we did well then it would take me, yeah, about a year! I love writing here everyday, making friends, learning about myself and journaling the best years of my life. It's an honor to have you here with me. Thank you.

The first prize of the week is from Natures Path: it's a HUGE gift basket with all kinds of goodies in it, such as cereals, toaster pastries, granola bars, coupons, oatmeal, shopping bag, t-shirt, bamboo spoons water bottle and lots of other goodies. Oh I want one, I love just about every product they make! The value on this baby is $175 and you could win it just in time for the holidays, or kids filling your house, or to have goodies on hand or sharing with friends. Thanks to my friends at Nature's Path for providing me with my first prize to giveaway this week, love you guys!

To enter you must be a public follower on google friend connect and you must leave a comment on this post! Simple, easy and fun. You can earn one more entry by linking up with the Penny Worthy Project. YEAH! The winner will be announced Tuesday along with another AWESOME giveaway. ALL WEEK LONG!

And I promise Just Another Meatless Monday will be back next week!

Peace and Love--