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The Penny Worthy Project

The Penny Worthy Project:
The objective of the Penny Worthy Project is undefined as of right now. It's an idea rolling around in my head begging to get out and that's why I'm starting it without a clearly defined goal. It's a link party, it's inspiration, it's thrifted Sunday, it's your Etsy store, it's your weekly craft check-in, Ebay listings, art journal posts, recipes to share, presents to make, decorating on a budget, book selling and anything else you want it to be.
It's a study in how you are making it, surviving life with or without a job, with or with out your own home. With kids without kids. With special materials or nothing at all. What inspires you? What drives you to be creative? How are creatively making your money go farther?

Well it's been quite a week for us, we lived through another pretty big windstorm. The wind was clocked at 87 miles per hour, I think that's hurricane force but without the huge rainclouds and such. Actually it was clear and cold which made for 40 below windchill factor and yet schools remained open but there was indoor recces.
Another exciting event for us was a trip to the Reindeer Farm with Unions first grade class. AND. THEY. RODE. A. BUS. Which may have been the most exciting part of the whole trip. Well they did feed Rudolph who lives there and gets picked up on Christmas Eve, he may have trumped the bus.

I did not go on the trip, I had a splinter in my foot that really hurt. I could NOT get it out, neither could my husband. I had it for 4 days and it hurt SO bad I was walking on the side of my foot to avoid the splinter. Which threw my back out. It was not a pretty picture, walking on the side of my foot and leaning forward and left, all the while grimacing with each step. I'm pretty sure I was looking a LOT like Quasimodo and I felt grumpy. I finally got the splinter out, which turned out NOT to be a splinter but a sliver of glass from a jar I dropped in the kitchen. Impossible to see but there nonetheless. Oww! My foot feels great my back is still out.

This did not stop me from thrifting, nothing could. I found these darling place mats. They're hand made. All vintage Christmas cards too!

I do have more thrifted goodies to share but they are for family who might be reading this so I'll show you all next week.

I finished up a Christmas present for Unions teacher this week. I embroidered one of his first drawings from school onto the corner of a dish towel and his name as he likes to write it on another corner. I had so much fun doing this and I highly recommend it as a present for teachers. It's something they can really use! It was easy to do too. First I copied the picture with a crayon onto white paper. Then I ironed that onto a white tea towel. Only that didn't work that great it left a very faint picture so I simply drew over it with a crayon and gave it a quick swipe with the iron to set it so it wouldn't flake and crumble. I embroidered right over the top of the drawing and it wasn't visible after I was done. Here is the finished project

and then the original next to the finished project. Not a perfect replica but pretty close.

My husband has been really busy too. Check it out:

 No it doesn't come with the oak sewing machine stand and the treadle that's his I gave him a few years ago for his birthday. It's gorgeous too!

We've been selling a few notebook computers on ebay this Christmas and my husband picked one to SteamPunk and Mod out. It turned out so cool it's painted like a 1902 Singer Sewing Machine.

So that's been our lead up to the week before Christmas, how about you? Please feel free to share etsy stores, thrifted goodies, crafts, ebay scores, decorating ideas and anything inspiring you've been doing!

Peace and Love--


  1. Oh I love those placemats Laura! Also, how cute is the dishtowel idea!?!

    I'm sharing my two Etsy's and Di's site again.

    Last night we had guests over and I helped the daughter use two old magazines headed for the recycle bin to make a Christmas tree. I'll have to post a picture of it on my blog with my other decorations.

  2. I love the dish towel you made, and those coasters are adorable! Thank you for hosting :)

  3. Darling towel- but just about too cute to use. Looking forward to playing with silks this week.

  4. Hello :) Gosh I totally forgot about linking up to this party! I'll save your link in my HTML of linky party days so I won't forget. Did you hear back from Apron Thrift Girl about hosting Thrift Share Monday?

    Oh, and the pattern? I did it free hand! Don't look at it too closely or you can really tell ;) haha!

  5. I get upset when our winds are in the 50-60 MPH zone! At 80+ I would be covering my head and running for the root cellar.
    Our temps have been below zero as well, so not much thrifting going on here.
    Love the craft project. Reminds me of my youth.


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