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We Still Believe

It struck me last night as my boys waited for daddy to get home to light some torches they "built", that they still believe in the magic of childhood. Those torches were sticks from the woods stuck in the snow pile. Nothing else. Yet they believed they would light and burn with blue sparks and fire, because they said so. Hard to fight seven year old logic, not that I do, it's impossible to make a point with that child so we simply let them believe. The sticks became rockets, became flares, became torches and then they were torches complete with story. And they would burn.

They still believe in faeries, gnomes, leprechauns, trolls, witches, heroes, villains, dwarfs and the big one, Santa. And we let them. The world is huge place with plenty of time when they're older to realize that no, those things don't exist. I'm pretty sure in fact that someone soon will get a gleeful joy from informing Union that indeed Santa is not who he thinks it is. Boy do they have another thing coming, he'll never let them hear the end of it. When he is right he is right and righteous in his beliefs.

Are they leading a sheltered life, yes. Do I care, no. It's simple, I don't thinks kids at the age of 5 should watch PG13 movies, I don't think Transformers 2 is appropriate for my sons, they don't need the newest and hottest anything. And no, nintendo/no-friend-o is not happening here why would I want to numb their brains? What they need each day is for mom and dad to be there, loving them, supporting them, showing them the way. Kids depend on a rhythm, and that each day is just about like the next. The rhythm of life is more important than a perfect GAP hoodie, the most toys or watching violent/sexual movies. They need to believe in magical things and be free to be kids. 

Why? Too soon they will find out that all is not magical, but they need to draw on the beauty that was, to lead them through to adulthood. I know my life was somewhat magical for a long time, then I ran as far and as fast away from that, only to eventually wind up giving my kids a magical life. Imagine that. Rooted in beauty I hope they will find their way back to it and continue the cycle. It's my hope.

For now we're going to be dreaming up new leprechaun traps because he's a sneaky one! And we'll listen to stories about Santa and North Polar Bear. We'll try to light blue sparkling torches because we still believe.

Peace and Love--


  1. Well.........did the torches light? Did they have blue flames? What was the boys reaction?

  2. Oh Laura, this made my cry! Magic is real and all around us, and lives in you for making such a wonderful world for you and your children. Love love love you all!

  3. I believe it's through the innocent eyes of a child we are able to enjoy the moment. Their blissful ignorance because of the wonders of youth. They believe, dream, and laugh because for a short time, they know no danger or bad in the world. All they know is the world of mom and dad.

    I agree with you that newest/hottest toys and the latest clothes do not matter one iota. It's what you as a parent and their father can teach them and show them. The lessons and memories they'll take with them matters far more than a toy they'll break and/or lose interest in in a month or a shirt they grow out of before you blink.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. I'm glad someone out there still allows their child to be a child.

  4. I was just talking about this with a friend of mine. He was claiming that kids these days have it better off than we did growing up.

    I understood where he was coming from (especially gay kids - which is what he was referencing) but I feel like kids these days grow up TOO fast. I was allowed the luxury of playing and dreaming and running around without worrying. Without the pressures that I feel like children have to be mini adults.

    I'm glad that you let your kids be kids. There is plenty of time for them to be adults.

  5. Kids are now PRE-TWEENS! scary it's a new marketing group--they are totally pushed into mini adult hood!

    Thanks for all your kind words-love you all! Let your dragon loving dwarf selves SHINE-ON!!

  6. What a lovely post - and what you have said is so true! Happy New Year to you and yours!!

  7. Sheltered lives? Um are you trying to tell me that elves, witches, gnomes and fairies aren't real? Because I will never believe that.

    I think you two are doing a great job by doing what you feel is right for your kids. Why raise a couple more cynical ratbags who want to destroy the earth by being mean and unhappy?

    Here's to you and your magical living family!

  8. Beautiful post Laura! My brother and I played outside everyday when we got home from school - rarely did we veg on the couch. The first time we got any video games were second hand ones when we were much older (I think I was 16)! Same for name brand clothes - and even then, they were hand-me-downs or from the thrift stores.

    I liked living life that way and I'll raise my kids the same way. There's time for the hustle and bustle and disappointment as an adult - childhood should be carefree and magical. It's your job as a parent to make sure those years ARE joy-filled! :)

  9. Oh and tonight at NYE dinner my future SIL was telling us about a table she saw waiting for our reservation that had a small child (about 3) w/ his parents eating and he was watching a PORTABLE TV. At a table at a restaurant so his parents could eat. WTF? Grab a coloring book, or pack a lunchbox of legos. So strange that a child cannot even sit through a dinner w/o needing to be vegging out.


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