Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Fizzy Bath Bombs


Fizzy Bath Bombs

finished bath bomb drying in late afternoon sun
This recipe is an old favorite, I found it in this book Restoring Yourself with Essential Oils about 8 years ago. I made them feverishly for a while then had a baby or two and haven't made them since. Go figure. I thought these might be fun to make for valentine treats to hand out instead of candy or with candy. Make sure to label not for eating, they smell great and more than one person has taken a bite unwittingly. Really they only do it once and then they get it.

Fizzy Bath Bombs-Adapted from Restore Yourself with Essential Oils

1 cup baking soda
1/2 cup citric acid
1/2 cup cornstarch
1/4 cup lavender blossoms
5-7 drops lavender oil
spritzer bottle of water

mix the first 3 ingredients
add the herbs and the oil drops
stir to combine
spritz lightly with water,stir and spritz again
test out the mixture it should start to hold together after 2-3 mists
if it holds together pack it into an ice cream scoop and gently tap it out onto the palm of you hand
if it breaks apart mist the whole batch again and repeat the trial run
once the initial bath bomb hold together make the other bath bombs
and gently lay them on waxed paper to dry
they will dry in about 24 hours
then carefully wrap in cellophane and tie with raffia or other ribbon
I usually buy my ribbon and cellophane in thrift stores making them really inexpensive and thrifted too
I craft up some sort of thrifted tag with these directions on it:
add to bath water before or during bath for a burst of effervescence

citric acid can be found in the bulk spice section at most markets

post first spritz
little boys getting in on the fun

holding together pretty well


These can be made with an infinite combination of herbs, dried flowers and essential oils, like eucalyptus and chopped rosemary or peppermint and dried mint, orange oil and some orange zest? Have fun, play around. You can also add food color to part of the mix and then mix it in, this makes a nice pale bath colored bomb.When you spritz them with water they fizz just a little, don't worry that's just the natural reaction of citric acid mixing with the baking soda (think kid volcano). They will fizz a bit but won't be ruined by it, getting wet is what holds them together. Have fun.

Peace and Love--


  1. YES! I love these things! I used to buy them at a health food store but they stopped carrying them. I can't wait to try your recipe. (Also, great call with the v-day gift suggestion.)

  2. They smell YUMMY! Plus both kids wanted a bath RIGHT NOW. They played and had fun, good way to pass time in the winter in Alaska :)

  3. Ohmigosh, a bath product I might even be able to use! You're awesome.

  4. I have actually been wanting to try making one of these for a while now, but can't justify buying all of the stuff for it. Thanks for posting! You make the whole process look nice and easy!

  5. Ohhh laura, these are sooo cool and I am totally gonna make them! I am a huge bath lover and I do adore the fizzy bubbles! :) Thanks so much for sharing this great NON-food recipe on the hearth and soul hop. It definitely feeds the soul! all the best! Alex

  6. What a fun and great gift to make and to give - I think I would love a little bubbly fun in the tub! Thanks for sharing this with us at the Hearth and Soul Hop!

  7. These look great! Do you have any tips on what could replace the corn starch? I'm allergic to corn and would be afraid of bathing with it.


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