Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: The Penny Worthy Project


The Penny Worthy Project

It's been an odd week for me, I won't try to hide it. I feel restless, out of sorts, shouty, just generally cranky. I guess it's cabin fever and I ought to get over myself, but excuse me while I wallow.

Maybe my thrifting level is too low? I did spend almost a whole day out shopping with a good friend of mine, we thrifted and hit the Lands End sale at Sears. I've taken a no buying retail pledge, but after weeks of looking for pants, jeans, slacks for our 7 year old I gave up and bought some on super sale at Sears. I don't like Sears, I won't buy anything else there but the Land's End clothing has such a great guarantee I felt it was a worthy investment. On sale for 15 dollars and then an extra 30% off, I bought him 3 pairs. The guarantee is what sold me, if they wear it out or ruin it Land's End replaces it. Period.

I did find a green tee shirt at a thrift store

and 4 packs of notebook paper, some jeans and a Harry Potter book

and some duralene which appears to be drafting paper, looks like thick rice paper, I'm sure my valentines will have some of this in them somewhere.

 I found a KitchenAid, but didn't buy it I let my friend grab it up for a special present for someone.

I also worked on a meat replacement recipe today, thrifty and delicious. I think it costs about a dollar to make the whole pan, I'll figure it out and post it for Just Another Meatless Monday tomorrow. So come visit tomorrow for a vegan meat replacement and a gluten free version too.

Another thrifty little thing that happened was Christina of Dinner at Christina's gave me the Stylish Blogger award so I'll pass that on to some bloggers. It's a great little way to say I care without cluttering up someones house, no dusting of anything! I also have to share 7 random facts about myself:
1) my eyes turn different colors depending on my mood they are usually green but can turn blue and purplish BEWARE
2) I WANT to be a knitter but I'm not very good
3) I hate the word foodie
4) and nom
5) I have big feet
6) we just adopted another yellow lab, he's huge 
7) my studio is almost done, 1 coat of paint on the ceiling should do it

The folks who I'm passing this too:

to pass this on share 7 random facts and tag some bloggers you enjoy reading

Peace and Love--


  1. Oh No!! I recently referred to you as a "foodie" on an FB post. Oooops! I love the word foodie! ;-) Congrats on the award you stylish, non-foodie you!

  2. Thank goodness. I LOATHE the word foodie too. Blech. Yuk. Ew. Gag.

    Too much? Sorry.

    Congrats on the lab! My Taiwanese wonder dog Mango, has been asking for a companion. Maybe...

  3. I love the green shirt! And you are a nice, nice friend to let the KitchenAid mixer go! :P

  4. I've been feeling blah too this week. Looking forward to my therapy appointment at the Goodwill thrift store tomorrow. : ) Happy Monday!

  5. Thanks you for passing on the Stylish Blogger award! Do I reciprocate by sharing 7 random facts? :)

    I know how you feel with a grumpy Monday, but I'm grumpy because I want to be at home cleaning and crafting and not here at the office. Wishing I could Cabin Fever!

  6. I too cannot stand the word "foodie". It also bothers me when people refer to food as "gorgeous"--it always seems to be the "foodie" couple sitting next to me at dinner flashing pictures all night long--then sending their food back because it's cold! What do they expect...sorry about the rant :)

  7. I think we need to find a way to celebrate Grumpy Monday or Worn out from the Weekend.
    I, too, am desperately in need of some thrift therapy, but it will be a while yet.
    Saving up for a few animal medical expenses.
    Can not beat clothing for kids with a good guarantee.

  8. Oh thanks! Oh, another lab--I was just chatting about rabbits today (the pet kind, not the eating kind). I kind of miss having a furry creature around...

    Kisses! And is it too late to sign up for Valentines? I think it might be--but I just got my create mojo back form Christmas. ;)


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