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The Penny Worthy Project

This is a thrifty living link up, how do you live a thrifty life? Creating? Cooking? Thrifting? Eating on a budget? Let's share our tips, tricks and crafts with the world. If you don't have anything to share well then read, enjoy and get inspired.

A couple of quick stops in Anchorage on the way to the Anchorage Folk Festival produced a few great finds yesterday. First though the Anchorage Folk Festival was AMAZING, 6 days of musical acts every 15 minutes. Plus workshops, like beginner musical instruments and happy yoga. We watched for a couple hours for FREE and got completely inspired to get us all playing instruments and making music. I have a mandolin I need to learn to play and the middle boy wants to play violin so bad we have decided to get him one and start lessons.

We hit a a church rummage sale, where we scored a basket full of wooden marble maze pieces:
 it took a bit of picking but we rounded up all scattered pieces.
and some pick up sticks for Union's class at school.

4 dollars for all of it.

After the AFF we split up for a bit, I dropped the guys off at the hobby store and I went to Salvation Army. Late in the day means nothing left right? Wrong. Look at this! I love this teapot. It is missing it's lid but that's fine with me.

After Christmas it's time for a decoration reset. So I set this up the other day from little treasures I found all year.

We worked diligently on the studio and started to move stuff in. Only to realize we REALLY needed to paint the floor. Here it is with the couch and bookcases in already. We'll paint one side and then move the couch and bookcases to the other side and paint again. Chug chug chug almost done.

what's under the drop cloth?

vintage red couch to lounge on
We also made some Fizzy Bath Bombs this week in anticipation of giving homemade tokens of affection to the ones we love. These are what they look like wrapped and ready to give.

 They are easy enough to make with kids as young as five and they'll enjoy washing the bowl when you're done too.

Peace and Love--


  1. Love how you packaged the bombs. Makes me want to buy them even though I never take baths anymore. (showers--I do get clean ha!) Adorable!

  2. Hi Laura! How do you make the fizzy bath bombs? I didn't see a recipe and I would love to try them. I love to take baths especially in the winter! I am linking up easy ways to make bird feeders for pennies for our feathered friends! Also my Nature's Path gift basket got here! Thanks! I posted about it in this link too. All the best, Alex

  3. WHOOPS! I forgot a link :) I added it in. We made them back a few days not too far. But it's linked now so there you go! Have fun, we did.

  4. That marble maze looks like great fun. Love the Tor Viking pot and the red couch.

  5. In love with your vintage red couch! And it's sweet that your family got some musical inspiration. I had a very inspirational weekend, too.

  6. What a great couch. Of course here it would be covered with cat hair, so the dropcloth would be staying on.
    I want to see before and after pics of the floor.

  7. Wonderful finds, and I love the couch! The painting on the stoneware teapot is really cute, too.

  8. The breakfast tray is so charming - as is your blog - happy to be your newest follower (this does mean you're going to come over and make dinner, right?)

  9. The Tor Viking teapot is amazing! Do you use it as a water pitcher? I found a gravy boat / butter melter in the same pattern a few weeks ago at the thrift. Love it.

  10. I love the teapot and tea mug. Soooo adorable! I found a mid-century daybed this week. I'm in love. :)


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