Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: The Bright Side


The Bright Side

A new and better way to pop bubble wrap:

Cafe Chocolate at the Red Beet with a good friend:

Gluten Free Goodies at the Red Beet

While I'm not GF I happily ate gluten free waffles and didn't even know it. Enough friends and their kids are GF that I'm happy to hear ALL the baked goods at the Red Beet are now GF. They have one bread made and baked in a separate area that is not gluten free, so you do have a choice.

Somethings never change: age 7

age 7 weeks

Recycled Milk Carton Boats and a proud boy...Thanks Family Fun Magazine for the inspiration, we had so much fun creating this together. It also sparked imagination in our 7 year old who created a milk carton "Constitution" complete with 40 straw cannons per side

 Making cookies with grandma

Teaching our boys the art of world domination one roll at a time!

Lovable stinky yellow labs

See? I have so many things to cheer me up, how can I possibly stay blue for long?

Peace and Love--


  1. Cute pics of the kid! At age 24, I still love popping bubble wrap. And used to get so upset when my sister just wrung it like a dish towel, wasting my bubble wrap :D

  2. It's pretty hard to stay blue with all that love and fun around you.

    Great pictures.

  3. What a great post - and such lovely photos too! Hope you are feeling much more cheerful now :)

  4. Beautiful post :)

  5. Hi Laura, LOVE this post. The photos made me smile. I hope you are feeling better!!!

  6. Hi Laura, LOVE this post. The photos made me smile. I hope you are feeling better!!!

  7. My kids are crazy about popping bubble wrap. I have been saving a lot of lately, because I am in the process of setting up my etsy shop. And the bubble wrap is going to be useless because they keep popping it.

    Lovely pictures of the handsome children. I also really like the picture of the Red Beet.

  8. Oh wow lovely and cute baby . very nice your all photo's and some photo very funny. i like that and great idea for bright side . interesting this post thanks for nice sharing

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  9. That looks like a pretty perfect way to spend your time :D


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