Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Daydreams, Seeds, Valentines and Birthdays


Daydreams, Seeds, Valentines and Birthdays

My daydreams these last few weeks have been mostly of the fresh soil, new plants and seed packet variety. Which is funny because I have this little cycle I go through each year and it's always about the same and by the time fall rolls around I'm so done with plants I'm ripping them out of the ground. It's very satisfying to finally kill something I've coddled for so long. I work all summer keeping weeds down (HA) picking slugs(blarf) watering, I'm tired of those damn plants, they just need to die.

But now mid-February, I'm  filled with regret, oh my poor broccoli why didn't I take better care of you? My peas, torn down by geese and turkeys, why didn't I defend you? I long for green anything, outside green. Apparently I don't long for green enough to actually take care of a house plant, I usually completely forget about them and kill them. Probably because I'm too busy dreaming over seed catalogs.

Fedco, Abundant Life, Territorial, Pinetree Garden and Wood Prairie Farm seed catalogs have all made their way to the house, they started to arrive before Christmas but I put them away for the month of longing(now). I flip through them about everyday now, they are dog eared, marked up, torn and coffee stained. I need about 50 acres or so but will make do on much less and I'll be happy with those acres. I'm sure my lists will be revised many times before I finally commit and buy seeds. One thing I would say is order your onion sets now so you get the ones you want. I waited too long last year and didn't get the ones I wanted. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have made much of a difference anyway, our weather was foul for a good portion of the summer.

Valentines Day is almost here. My handmade valentine cards for the card swap are mailed out, and I got one in the mail. I'm excited. But even before valentines day we have two birthdays. My husband has one on the 11th and Hero's birthday is on the 12th. He'll be turning 18, what a big year for him, growing up and moving on. He is so ready to fly, I wish him all the good things he deserves.

How's your life? Are you planning to grow things? Make valentines? Anything exciting or are your just existing though this last part of winter?

Peace and Love--


  1. We can't wait to get our gardens in. St Patty's an we'll get our potatoes in... yippee... My husband and I take great pleasure in planting- milling and doing some canning, just tomatoes and some pickles. There is nothing better than cooking fresh vegies from the garden and using the fresh herbs that are sniped just right before use.
    Didn't have a good year with my basil last year however. I can't swear to it but i was starting to wonder if either the turtles groundhog or opossums that are frequent visitors to our garden grew a taste for the stuff.. Go figure!!

  2. I think we hit "the wall" of being over winter at the same time. I love every winter when you do these posts. The pics are always beautiful and JUST what I need to see.


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