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The Penny Worthy Project

This is a thrifty living link up. A place to share your thrifted finds, your meal plans, good eats, recycling, upcycling, repurposing and crafts. Please join in, or get inspired or both.

I worked on my valentine crafting this week. I had to make some for my homemade valentine exchange and for a party at Union's school valentine making party. Everything for valentine making was purchased second hand and thrift sourced. I love that! It has made valentine makig so much fun and inexpensive. If you're in on the valentine swap I'll be mailing out my valentines Monday. I know Friday was the mail out date but we were busy.

We had a big feast of a thousand dumplings to celebrate Chinese New Year last night. What fun. I can
t believe the awesome food my friends brought. We had so much that I actually had to freeze the leftover uncooked dumplings. All I can say is wow, can't wait for a night later this month to pull those out and chow down. Check out the menu: crab rangoon, fresh rolls, dumplings, shrimp purses, fried dumplings, Japanese beef stew, edamame, fried rice, lo mein, chicken bulgogi, sticky rice and Thai inspired cold peanut salad(which I never even got out of the fridge). Not all Chinese dishes but we opened it up to any Asian inspired dish. Leftovers for lunch! YES.

I also created a few stuffingless toys for our pack of yellow labs. They were HAPPY.  So was I, the price was $14.00 for a store bought stuffingless toy or 25¢ for a stuffy at the thrift store. SCORE.

I took pity on moms across the United States suffering through snow days. I created a list of some fun things that keep us busy when the weather turns bad. I should know how to keep busy, living in Alaska and all, right?

How was your thrifty week?

Peace and Love--


  1. Originally I was going to write a post about preloved stuffies instead of pet store specials but somehow what I wrote took on a life of its own.

    Wow- what a feast you had.
    I would look forward to left overs a couple of days.

  2. Oh I loved making valentine's when I was little. My mom had a box she'd save scraps of lace and fabric and ribbon throughout the year. I'd go crazy with it and make valentine's for all my relatives and teachers!

    I'm linking up 2 things I have for sale on eBay this week. Clearing more clutter and adding $ to the wedding fund!

  3. GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRR I have no idea why it didn't use the pics I selected. >:| I've been having a difficult time w/ computers lately... (goes and throws a temper tantrum)

  4. I planning on making it a Goodwill Valentine's Day gift extravaganza! We'll see how it goes.

  5. YUM! Dumpling feast to celebrate the new year? That sounds amazing! I think I need to have a belated new years feast as soon as possible! :)

    Looks like you had a fun weekend.

  6. My valentines went out Monday too. So is the Penny Worthy Project every Saturday?


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