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The Penny Worthy Project

The Penny Worthy Project is thrifty living link up, share a post on your thrifty life.

We've been sick-ish for about 2 weeks now. Not down and dirty sick just sick-ish, which is sick's milder weirder cousin. Not throwing up but nauseous for a day or two, then nothing then it strikes again. Not full blown cold, but sniffles, or sore throat. Not sinus trouble but sinus migraine, all of us on different days, the cold wet rag on the forehead kind of headache. And tired, all of us, tired worn down and CRANKY. We are a damn joy to be around, seriously a joy. 

But today was awesome besides being woke up 7am on a weekend it was still awesome because no one had any sick-ish feelings.You know I'm about to tell you I don't have any thrifted treasures don't you? Well it's true I have been thrifing, twice and there really wasn't anything exciting out there.
I did find this little guy, I have a thing for gnomes. Ok, well THAT sounds wrong.

I also forgot to show you these incredibly cute little wooden shoes I found a few weeks ago. Aren't they cute?

But I would like to share my totally awesome handmade thrifted valentines. My box was full on valentines day, I felt like a kid in school. This was seriously so cool! We need to get it bigger next year, everyone should participate. 
#1 My blogging friend Bounty Huntress made this--cute?? and cool I love it

#2 my dear friend Luna hand painted the envelope and made the whole beautiful card, what a treasure!

#3 from Gina of Lime Kiln-wow sewn, and all craftily put together, yeah I'm not that talented EVER

plus she sent me a bonus goodie which I LOVE look at this apron: ALL Alaska and stuff how cool is that? And it's all mine

#4 from my dear friend Heather this fab-O card with a little knitted heart, so cute!!

Seriously they were each so well done and all delivered on time-I love it! I have to apologize to Bounty Huntress-Some how yours got dropped in the mail w/o a stamp-I know it was late and I am so sorry. Forgive me?

7 year old artwork from school, gosh I love Waldorf education
Plus I won something this week, well two things actually. One was a 25 dollar gift certificate to Nuts Online from my very dear blogging friend, Christina. I am so excited, I rarely win stuff and once I won a big huge prize and never got it. LAME. But forget all that, Christina electronically sent me my gift certificate ALREADY so you know I'm already trying to figure out exactly what to get. The other cool thing I won was a paint and pad set from from EcokidsUSA and Holistic Mom Networks twitter chat party.

Peace and Love--


  1. booo to being sick, but woooo! to Valentine's and winning stuff!.

    I am so happy participated, it was wonderful to get Valentine's in the mail and each one so different. Can't wait to see what brilliant idea you come up with next!

  2. Yeah, I'm lame, I know. Congrats to winning that stuff, and if you send me your address again, I'll get you your very belated prize. It'll be different than the one you originally won, but awesome nonetheless... I suck :(

  3. I just wanted to say I thought of you the other day as I was tinkering around on my lunch hour at the Salvation Army, and I thought "there are some good treasures here...Laura would love it!"

  4. Glad to hear you are feeling better.
    As I was running around yesterday I was noticing little gnomes in people's snow covered flower beds. I felt sorry for them.

    Congratulations on your cool gifts and prizes.

  5. Fingers crossed you guys are over it. I was talking to a friend of mine whose son is *still* sick - cough and fever on and off for almost a month now. Bleh. I don't envy you a bit.

    But what an AWEsome Valentine's day!

  6. I've won a prize once and never got it from the other blogger. I sent them emails and left comments on their blog - all that they ignored. Boo on people that don't deliver on their prizes! Party poopers!

    I love the gnome, he's cute! My brother likes gnomes too. Are you going to see that movie in theaters - Gnomeo and Juliet? haha I saw ads for it, it looks cute.

    The cards are beautiful! And your apron is such a nice, thoughtful gift!

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