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The Penny Worthy Project

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Still sick but on the mend. When I get sick and I'm stuck in bed or 'resting' I tend to glare at the room around me. Not at the occupants, because I can tell you I have already scared them off but more at the clutter, the dog hair, the dust bunnies, the towering stacks of stuff. And I get all 'claustrophobic, cant breathe must remove all crap from my general vicinity as soon as I can possibly move without crying' feeling. As soon as I can, I am up and organizing, relocating, donating and putting stuff where it belongs and vacuuming. Then I usually collapse back into bed and nap if possible. I know I should rest but I feel so much better after I have straightened up, that for me it's almost better than resting.

After this week when I was so sick my husband stayed home to wrangle kids I was raring to rip the house apart and I resisted for a while. Eventually I did tear into my closet and get rid of three or four guilt inducing shirts that I never wear and look terrible on me. Two more things I took down to my studio to be repurposed into 'new' clothes. I also pulled all the hangers I'm not currently using, for some reason they were still hanging in there taking up space. 

Then I took stock of what I have left, what I wear, and the colors I tend to wear. I realized that I like brown, black and white the best and I'm ok with that. I like bright colors too, purple and green and pastels are almost non existent. I own a dark and light turtle neck for cold days which is probably all I really need and 4 sweaters. I have one basic black dress. I think I'm set in the clothes department and have what I wear right in front of me. 

I did in fact get out thrifting several times this week and I'll be damned if I didn't get just about skunked. The prices are sky high right now, which annoys the dirt out of me. I'm sorry but a single plate costs two dollars? And stained tea cozy was three fifty...I kind of gasped when she said the total and laughed when she said well this is $3.50. "Take it off" I said, kind of rudely I'm sure but I was just disgusted. I did buy this little wooden basket:

I'm thinking I'll harvest carrots in it and wash them outside right in the basket.

I also bought this paper airplane folding book,

should be good fun over spring break. I like the fact that it teaches how to fold and doesn't give you a bunch of precolored paper with directions and lines printed on it. We have one of those, so a different kind will be well played with.
Speaking of spring, oh we weren't, well we should be, I started bringing in plant flats, cleaning them and I'm now officially ready to plant basil. The first seeds will be in the soil in the next 24 hours. I was woefully short on my freezer pesto this winter and I aim to start now and FILL my freezer all summer. Of course I'll be in full plant production in a week or two so this isn't incredibly early but if feels so good. And springy.

Oh and one more thrifty living moment from the week. I bought 25 pounds of oranges a month ago. They lasted wonderfully for being organic and tree ripened but they were passing their prime at a pretty good clip after a month in cold storage. So I decided to whip up a batch of marmalade. It took a couple hours but I was able to use up 12 oranges fairly quickly on what perhaps was their last good day. I got 8 jars of marmalade but one broke in the hot water bath, that's so annoying!

So how did spend a thrifty week? Please feel free to share any thrifty living posts from pantry living etsy stores, to ebay listings, hyena cart stores, thrifting finds, budgeting, meal planning or anything else you may do to survive and thrive in the world today.

Peace and Love--


  1. Easy solution to those "stacks of stuff" that seem to be rotating into and out of your frustration level = no more thrifting!! Ha ha (calling your bluff) maybe that will help you put those "stacks of stuff" into better perspective. In other words (don't sweat the stacks).

  2. Sending you a big hug Laura, I hope you are back to your old self really soon! I like to schedule rest and lazy days but not to be sick and have to rest! I know just how you feel~ big hugs! Alex

  3. Cute basket! It feels like so many of us worked too hard in February and let ourselves get sick. I'm getting over a little cold myself.

    Your harvesting basket is super cute, though. And that marmalade looks amazing...

  4. Sorry you've been unwell. I went thrifting at a carboot sale yesterday without an umbrella and got drenched. Proper soaked through and frozen. I got a few bargains but not as many as I'd hoped. I did get some cute Poole pottery jampots to serve my marmelade out of though!

    I really like your carrot basket - very rustic.

  5. Wishing you healthier days and more energy soon.
    You seem to get a lot accomplished even under the weather.

    I found a new thrift link up - Magpie Mondays. I am hoping to be able to share again next week.

  6. My family and I were sick a couple of times this month. And I completely hear you on the clutter staring you down while you're sick! I love the basket you found. Hope you feel better soon!

  7. Everyone is sick! Hope you feel better soon. You know what I hear is good healing food if youre sick... orange marmalade! Ha! That is if you ever feel like seeing marmalade again ;)


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