Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Migas



Hey now I finally found a way to eat and enjoy scrambled eggs. I don't usually care for eggs outright(I know odd for someone who raises egg birds) but I choke them down because they are fast and I expect my kids to eat the food in front of them, so I kinda have to also. Ahem. So as I was saying I found a way to enjoy them and it pretty much rocked my egg hating self. Migas, a Tex-Mex staple that I JUST discovered, are a mix of scrambled eggs, tortillas and cheese topped with salsa! Hope you try them and enjoy like we are. This is truly a fast and delicious meal that everyone will love.


3 TBSP clarified butter-melt it and remove the solids
1/2 an onion-I love sweet onions in this
8 corn tortillas
1 dozen fresh eggs
1 1/2 cups shredded cheese, use a cheddar or jack or both mixed together or what you have
salsa-I made a vat of winter salsa and we used that

heat a large skillet over medium heat
chop the onion
add the butter to the skillet swirl to coat and add the onions
stir and let them cook for about 5 minutes stirring occasionally
slice the tortillas into 1/2-1 inch strips, set aside
break the eggs into a mixing bowl and beat lightly
add the tortillas to the onions cook and stir until they are lightly golden brown
reduce heat to medium low, add the eggs to the skillet
let them rest about 30 seconds and then stir
keep that pattern up until the eggs are almost done
then gently stir in the cheese and finish cooking
make sure to wait to add the cheese until the eggs are almost set so the cheese and eggs don't get runny
serve with a spoonful of salsa
you can also serve them over steamed flour tortillas or in corn tortillas as tacos

Guess what? The wind is STILL blowing. OK that's a lie, it quit for about 6 hours and I thought "oh hey cool the wind is done I should turn down the furnace so we don't roast" SURPRISE wake up in the night to an ice cold house and the wind howling. I doubt we'll get anymore cool drifts because any loose snow has been blown away and the earth is scoured clean in places. Wild March.

Peace and Love--


  1. I love your posts...keep them coming! Smiles...I love the originality-only in Alaska ;)

  2. Hey! This is one of my favorite ways to eat eggs, I just never had a fancy name for it before! :)

  3. In like a lion out like a lamb??? Well let's keep our fingers crossed. This recipe I will try this weekend! Adding salsa to eggs is my favorite way to eat them.

  4. I love Migas but I make it the cheaters way. I cook the scrambled eggs, plop on the salsa and cheese then crumble corn tortilla chips on top instead of real tortillas. I like cream cheese with mine, too.

  5. Sounds yummy, a little hot sauce and I'd be in heaven!

  6. Oh yum! I love eggs! Well except for hard boiled egg yolks - I give those to Corky. I love cooking eggs with a Tex Mex theme - it's one of my favorite ways. I'll have to try these with the tortillas!

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  9. I love Migas but I make it the cheaters way. I cook the scrambled eggs, plop on the salsa and cheese then crumble corn tortilla chips on top instead of real tortillas.


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