Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Our Food Rhythm


Our Food Rhythm

Seems like I'm talking about rhythm a lot lately, doesn't it? I just read Kim John Payne's book Simplicity Parenting and we are trying to institute more of his ideas for living simply with less. We have pared down kids toys and in conjunction our own junk too. One thing he urges is to find a natural rhythm and go with it, I talk more about rhythm in this post and you can find more information on the importance of rhythm at WhyWaldorfWorks.com. I've always found that a simple mostly natural life suits me best, thankfully I have a supportive husband who believes we are headed in the right direction and our wonderful creative sons prove us right day in and day out.  If you have kids and are struggling with them in any way I cannot recommend the book Simplicity Parenting enough, it is a true gem in this day and age.

One thing I have instituted now in my role as chief head cook is setting up a food rhythm. I can't believe how a simple schedule of foods has made meal planning SO easy. And my kids seem to be taking it really well and my husband well if it's ready to eat when he gets home from work I think it's good with him. I was worried that setting up a specific food for each day would seem limiting and hard to work around but it really is the exact opposite. I know what I am going to make because it's right there for me to see.
  • Sunday is roasted meat, big family dinner with all the fixings-this not only brings us together to talk about our upcoming week but gives us leftovers to use for the rest of week
  • Monday is rice
  • Tuesday is pasta
  • Wednesday is beans
  • Thursday is soup
  • Friday is cheese (pizza night most weeks!)
  • Saturday is leftovers or crockpot dinner
I'm not limited in what I can make each day it only has to have ______ as part of the main meal. So dang easy, my kids ask everyday what day is it, when I answer with whatever it is, they have no complaints because they like that food, it's safe and they know they will eat it. I don't shy away from foods they don't like either I just keep offering them up, eventually they'll come around. I even got them to eat prickly pear cactus and chayote squash last week on bean night, they were a topping for our bean tacos on homemade tortillas. They tried them because they had to, but to them the beans were really what was for dinner.

I can't believe how such a very simple easy plan has made such a difference in our lives. Not only in having a ready answer for that dreaded "Hey what's for dinner mom?" question but for my peace of mind as well. I know what's for dinner every darn day and that to me is priceless.

Peace and Love--


  1. We do this too and I LOVE it. Helps me with my plannign and shopping, and everyone knows what is coming. We added dessert night twice a week, and my boys look forward to that.

    Here is our rythm: Sunday is Sunday dinner- meat, a side and a veggie. Monday is pasta night, Tuesday is Mexican, Wednesday is casserole, Thursday is chicken and potatoes, Friday is pizza and sushi, and Friday is a free day- soup, dinner with friends, etc. Monday and Thursday are dessert nights.

    I aslo added a daily chore for myself: Sunday rest, Monday kitchen, Tuesday food shopping, Wednesday upstairs/bedrooms, Thursday bathrooms, Friday vacuum, Saturday outdoors.

    We love rythm and routine!

  2. Laura, you did nice planning, i won't plan that much. Make it depending upon my mood.

  3. Ohhh I like this idea! There's SO many directions you can take ea. night.

  4. That works well. When our kids were home pizza on Friday was pretty standard during band season. They usually called for dinner suggestions, but your way sounds great, no arguing.

  5. I never really thought about this but one of the 'rythms' in our house growing up was that we all had to eat dinner at the table as a family. So before we could run off to a friends, or school or work, my parents insisted that we sit down as a family, which probably helped a lot in the long run.


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