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The Penny Worthy Project

A Thrifty Living Link Up

This week brought the annual gutting of our garage. Now we don't have a one or two car garage we have a behemoth 4+car garage. Before you get excited about that let me also remind you who parked outside all winter, even in 20 below weather, yes we did. Both of us, all winter, outside. A word of wisdom from us to you, just because you have the money, don't buy all the drywall you are ever going to need at once. Because you will have to store that drywall somewhere, flat and dry. And if you do buy all the drywall you'll ever need, for the love of space in your garage don't buy the 12x4 sheets. Good grief, it's like they ate our garage or something. It completely threw us off, and then we lost control. And it spiralled into an embarrassing junk hole for the winter. But now we have gutted, donated, sorted and swept the front half of the garage which means our boys are now able to ride bikes in very tight concentric circles and randomly ram dogs who try to bite bike tires. All in all a good day.

I am continually disgusted by the high prices at our local thrift shops, and I'm on a semi strike. It has to be something pretty cool and decently priced for me to buy it. Period. So I bought two little things this week, this old funky German cookbook:

Our kids are going to be learning German for the next 8 years and are already speaking it so I thought a cookbook I could at least peruse through might be nice.

This little tea strainer:

for loose leaf teas will be a nifty little gift next Christmas. So there it is I have officially started my Christmas shopping.

I had some book credit at our local Indie Book Store, Fireside Books so I bought this:

 And here is a sneak peek of the prize I picked up for the 52 week of Just Another Meatless Monday

Come back Monday to leave a vegetarian post and get entered to win!

I did use spend some quality time to soak up the sun and knit, I managed to make a new pair of wrist warmers for our youngest son. His pair from last last year were eaten by a dog. I even figured out ribbing so the ends stretch. The wrist warmers are essentially a long mitten with no hand, just a thumb hole. They are great to wear under mittens to keep the wrist warm or in loo of mittens in spring weather when you don't quite need a mitten. Best part though is that they are quick and you can use scraps of yarn, like getting an extra project for free.
So how  did you spend a thrifty week? Please feel free to share any thrifty living posts from pantry living etsy stores, to ebay listings, hyena cart stores, thrifting finds, crating, poetry, upcycling, budgeting, meal planning or anything else you may do to survive and thrive in the world today.

 I've linked up to Apron Thrift Girl for Thrift Share Monday.

Peace and Love--


  1. I love the German cookbook and the wristwarmers! I have some I ordered from a friend on Etsy.

    Yay can't wait for JAMM tomorrow!!!

  2. YAY I can't wait to see what you link up! Also sorry I missed Friday Firsts :(

  3. I saved money by staying at home ALL WEEK LONG, and using only a fraction of our bean stores in 3 bean salad, Besan Puda, Dal, and even snuck some soy beans into some pasta salad.

    We even (sort of) saved a little by hatching out some of our own eggs, they are hatching now.

  4. The IRS saw to it that I have almost no extra money to spend this month, but I prevailed upon James in the thrift store this week: he bought me a cookbook from 1952. It even has someone's notes, and a few handwritten recipes tucked in!

  5. I have noticed prices climbing at our thrift shops too! It's crazy!

  6. Dawn, where are you?

    @Serene sorry the IRS took your money :) happy you got a cookbook for a dollar!!

    @AKmom we eat a heck of a lot of dried beans too! SO cheap and easy if you plan ahead-I saw you were adding ground beans to bread dough--interesting, right now I'm playing with nice batch of sourdough--mmmmmm smells so good!

  7. This is vet week, catching up on vaccines and licenses, so all funds are headed that way.
    As well as more time for brushing and bathing, so no online posting.
    Hmmm, ice cream is meatlesss. Would that qualify as a recipe?

    Oh- I have a machine shed garage combo that has turned into our catchall. It will be our spring project when spring decides to stay longer than 4 or 5 hours.

  8. Cute knitting! I need to get in spring cleaning clear and tackle three terrifying and cluttered closets in my little apartment...

    I'm on the same strike with Thrift Stores. I walk out empty handed more often than not these days. I'm having better luck at Yard Sales. Hopefully it will be Yard Sale season for you soon :)

  9. I just bought a German cookbook this past Christmas so I could cook more German food so that my kids would remember their heritage. It's great that yours are learning German. Love your blog - many great tips. Lana


  10. LOL-I can so relate to the garage dilemma!!

    We are also teaching our boys to speak German (and Spanish). Husband is German (ethnically speaking) and I have (very) remote Spanish heritage. We also live near a huge Amish population that speaks German and, I believe, we are already a bi-lingual nation with English/Spanish. Love the cookbook!


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