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The Penny Worthy Project

FINALLY I found a rummage sale with decent prices and some cool things. I didn't buy too much because of the 'stuff' cleanse we are on. I took 5 more miscellaneous bags of things to the thrift store this week, our house is looking better and better. Summer is going to be much more pleasant knowing that our house isn't full of stuff we don't use or want getting dusty and grungy looking. And beyond that Fall will be so nice because the big post "I've-spent-all-summer-outside" clean won't be so tedious.

I was putting on my face cream the other day and walked away from the bathroom, when I came back in I looked at my drawer open to the world. It looked disgusting. It was full of things I don't use, empty containers and tangled hair bands. I pulled the drawer all the way out, dug through it and found so much stuff to donate. I had 13 bottles of nail polish, in real life friends have you EVER seen me with my nails painted? No, then why do I need 13 bottles? I donated them, and the polish remover, and some very unbecoming make up. I ended up with an entire grocery bag full of donations. I kept one tray of face care and one tray of 'jewelry' like hair ties, bobby pins and broaches and it all kind on slides around in there now. The whole room just feels better to me now, lighter.

On to my treasures! Now that the I have broken the seal on Christmas shopping(!) I am now actively looking for goodies, this will be some five year old's ornament this year!

a little trike

little angel

I have a weakness for old tinsel stars

this bracelet is so beautifuland it looks really old

the little basket, so sweet with it's lid will go just about anywhere, I'm thinking of using it as a healing kit-put little things to make kids feel better, Burts Bees bug bite stick, an ice bag, a couple bandaids, some essential oils

This oil painting which I have no idea where to hang but I love it

I also got 5 records-Iron Butterfly, REO Speedwagon, Peter Frampton, America, Van Halen, I realized they are about the only rock and roll records we have. They sound really good on the vintage console record player, although can you really tell when the 17 minute classic In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida is skipping? No you can't, don't even try, just let it play.

So how did you spend a thrifty week? Please feel free to share any thrifty living posts from pantry living etsy stores, to ebay listings, hyena cart stores, thrifting finds, crating, poetry, upcycling, budgeting, meal planning or anything else you may do to survive and thrive in the world today.

Peace and Love--


  1. I love that you got your bathroom de-cluttered, what a great feeling.

    I love the bike!

    I love your idea for the basket!

    I guess you can say I only saved by not spending a dime from being sick all week. I did sell some of my little chicks on Craigslist and we bought more eggs today to hatch, so that was fun.


  2. Love that bangle, would have gone so well with the rest of my accessory finds for the week!

  3. ps. Am trying to put a link at the bottom of my post to Pennyworthy Project, but Blogger playing up at the moment. I will do, promise!

  4. Working on decluttering here, too. Such an unending chore, it feels like, and we're not all that acquisitive -- it just adds up!

  5. I too am decluttering...but somehow the car is getting fuller (I am in total denial, and leaving most of my opshop purchases in the car)
    I love the bangle. I got a similar type a few months ago for $10 and it was valued at $120-$200 by a local antiques dealer...BARGAIN!

  6. I love that little trike and basket. I LOVE just dumping junk drawers in the donation box and never looking back. If I haven't accessed in a year- I don't need it.

    I, too, donated all nail polish long ago. I NEVER paint my nails. It chips immediately and I don't see the point. Also, no time...


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