Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: The Penny Worthy Project


The Penny Worthy Project

I spent some quality time thrifting this week and still didn't buy much. I think my limits have been in place so long that I can grab things up, carry them around, ask myself "do I need these?" and then put them back down. I did happen across a pair of jeans in my size, the style and everything for 5 dollars, what a score!

I found this gorgeous old mirror made by Revlon. It's nothing special, not antique or anything but I love the color. I didn't have one, it passed the test and came home with me.

This rooster tray I snatched up from in front of my sister, she didn't need it, I did. Or at least I convinced myself I did. I  love old trays.

This funky old recipe box is one you have seen before!

Right here in this post about how we learned to sing the old songs for our children. I found another one, I can always find a use for a metal box, recipe cards, words to more songs, jewelry just about anything. My mom had one of these when I was little, I have found two of them in the last 20 years and bought them both. What is it about the things from our childhood that move us to replace them in our adult years? Not everything, just some pieces here and there have such fond memories for me.

I think I'll post my menu plan for the week, things go so much easier when I have a clue what I should be doing next.
Sunday-crock pot au gratin potatoes, pork chops on the grill, grilled broccoli
Monday-crock pot vegetarian red beans and rice, carrots and celery
Tuesday-homemade pasta, deviled eggs
Wednesday-red lentil dal, green salad
Thursday-mushroom barley soup, fresh bread
Friday-mini pizzas on the griddle
Almost a complete plan, but if the chickens keep laying like they are laying, we may just eat eggs  everyday.

How do you live a thrifty life? Laundry on the line, meal plans, thrifty living tips, Etsy Shop, Ebay reseller, frugal living, creative outlets are ALL examples of living thrifty in this life. Please share a link to how you live and thrive in today's world.

Peace and Love--


  1. It's been a mixed week for frugality around here. I spent a ton of money to throw a friend a baby shower, but I knew about that ahead of time, so while it makes things tight, it was totally worth it. Got a so-cute sock-monkey easter basket (yes, for myself, so what?!?) for about 3 bucks. And I'm embarking on a new sweep of the house to get rid of unused clutter and get it to the thrift store where people like us can buy it and appreciate it.

  2. I buy nothing for myself... and I line dry everything. And I cook from scratch just about everything (such a difference there!).

    I love how you found s tuff from your childhood and can now relive those memories that much more easily. :)

  3. I actually spent the better part of the week sorting and decluttering. Well, at least moving stuff around. I sent my son an email asking him what he wants or remembers from childhood that he may enjoy in the future. Just so I do not throw out something he values.
    I have the same (?)flaw(?) being attracted to things I remember from childhood.

  4. I also found a metal recipe box like the one my mom used to have when I was little! Paid 75 cents for it and it makes me smile every time I look at it!


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