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The Penny Worthy Project

Keep this date in mind, May 14th, I've been asked to host another bake sale for Share Our Strength. SOS is a program dedicated to feeding kids in America and ending childhood hunger in America. Gaby of What's Gaby Cooking has put together a huge nationwide food bloggers bake sale and I'm representing Alaska! Woohoo. Last year my little teeny tiny town raised more money than some big cities with multiple food bloggers at their bake sale. I have a 500 dollar goal set but I'd like to beat that and raise 500 dollars in donations before the bake sale, so if you can, care to or want to please donate ANY amount through paypal by clicking on that button to the right. Thank you in advance for any donation large or small!

If you do happen to live local, May 14th is also Palmer Clean Up Day AND Kite Day on the Quad in Palmer. Lots of great things to attend, maybe pick up trash then grab a snack then walk over and fly a kite. Be sure to bring your own kite or a blanket to sit on so you can watch the kites flying.

Look at this cute skirt:

I don't wear skirts or dresses often but I enjoy them in the summer when it's hot (relatively) and I plan to say home. I don't wear them in public unless I have to. This was 50¢ at the Bishop's Attic in Anchorage, 50¢!

I also found an abacus for our middle son, I think this will be a Christmas present and I think he'll love it. I was thrilled to find it and it was 2 dollars, what a deal.

I also found a box of rubber bands, I have boys, rubber bands are important like tape, clothes pins, brads and hot glue. We must have ways to hold inventions together you know.

And yes I would buy a bundle of paint sticks but no one gives these away anymore.
When I buy paint I get one paint stick and I might grudgingly get an extra one given to me. They are so handy for all kinds of things. I snatched these up for 35¢ and I'm pretty sure I could wrap them up for a present for either of the small boys.

We have our Maypole set up and ready to do, anybody else having a maypole? I'd LOVE to see it!

How do you live a thrifty life? Laundry on the line, meal plans, thrifty living tips, Etsy Shop, Ebay reseller, frugal living, creative outlets are ALL examples of living thrifty in this life. Please share a link to how you live and thrive in today's world.

Peace and Love--


  1. I also am a major fan of skirts in the summer around the house. They're just so flowy and airy and cool you off.

    I'll have to take a picture of this adorable Easter bunny paint stick craft I bought at a yard sale for .10c! Your creative boys could come up w/ tons of critters to make w/ those paint sticks!

  2. CUTE skirt, and I love the abacus. I had a similar one as a kid, I think it's still in my parent's garage...


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