Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Support Local Farmers


Support Local Farmers

 Buy local eggs, support local farms, families and industry.

 Chances are their birds get to free range, out of a cage, out of a barn and outside the fence.

Small producers probably know the quirks of their chickens, who's a loner and who's a nest hog.

Most of their chickens will come when called.

And be used to big dogs who run through the middle of the flock just give them a thrill.

 They might even have artwork on their coop.

They'll definitely know when they're pretty.

And the farmers will try to source local food and supplies to cut down on 'food miles', support local industry, and other local farmers.

All to bring local eggs to their home and yours.


Because if we all supported local farmers and some of us become those small local farmers we could stop atrocities like this:

and this.

What if every factory farm were put out of business by small local farmers?

Happy chickens say give us more food support local farmers!

Peace and Love--


  1. I will only eat eggs from small family farms! We have a great one here called Campo Lindo who distributes to some grocery stores so I can get farm eggs with convenience, and I often get them from the farmer's market too. I recently got duck eggs even! They're... okay. My husband loves them but I am indifferent. I think the last time I ate a supermarket egg I was like, what is this flat tasting thing?!

  2. Yay for home grown eggs from loved hens!

    And I've even thought ahead from when we move away from J's mom's eggs. Our new house will be right down the road from a loved, trusted farm stand my grandma and mom have visited for 20+ years.

    It's really creepy how sickly those caged chickens look. In comparison to yours they just look so unhealthy and washed out and NOT happy!!

  3. I buy all my eggs from local farms! And, I spread the love around a little so they all get what I can afford throughout the month. It helps that our new breakfast routine has us going through six a day!


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