Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Winner!



We have a winner of the box of cookies from Donsuemor but first you must admire the Lego creation I made last night.

Can you tell what it is? hmmmm I'm waiting.

Yes, it's a swordfish. Why would I make a swordfish? We were playing Lego Creationary. It's a game where you randomly get a card with different pictures on it that you have to recreate, there are different levels for different ages. There are official rules but we play a rather NON competitive version because our very choleric middle son is extremely competitive and it makes it extremely unpleasant to play this particular game competitively. Anyway I had to make this damn swordfish with limited parts and low and behold it turned out awesome plus both little boys were able to guess what it was.

OK OK the winner of the cookies is Barbara H from Birchtree. Yeah Barbara! I'll just have them sent to my house, OK? NO? Well OK then give me your address and I'll have them sent to YOU, if you insist!

Peace and Love--


  1. I totally guessed it was a swordfish AND I knew you made it playing Creationary! Love that game!

  2. Well, Yay! HEY! I've never won anything! (Well, practically anything!) My email address is , my mailing is PO Box 1052 Palmer, AK 99645, but hey, why not do the easiest and use the address you already have with them, and you can pass them along to me at Birchtree? You're there almost as often as I am - in fact, you come twice per day, don't you? If you think the cookies will come in before May 25, you're welcome to simply pass them to me in the hall, in the SpEd room, wherever... Thanks! Barbara


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