Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: 2011 Food Blogger Bake Sale Results and Recipes


2011 Food Blogger Bake Sale Results and Recipes

I set a pretty high goal for myself this year for the bake sale and I fell far short of that goal. Oh well. I think what I need is to hold my bake sale in March or February because May is a very busy month in Alaska. It was our local Clean-Up Day, there was a kite festival sponsored by a local restaurant and there was 'Plow Day' put on by the Antique Power Motors Association. And there were people everywhere out and about just being busy. I was busy too but I would have liked to have been be busier selling goodies.

Actually by the end of the day I had only a few things left, several pieces of cake and some cookies so I took them with me to a Second Saturday event at a local  shop. The treats were appreciated by the crowd drinking wine and eating oreos so I know I earned some good word of mouth there. Next year people, you will be mine!

So I made a grand total of $440.00, not bad for a one woman show without any helpers this year. Last year I had my mom and my sister pitching in and baking but they were otherwise occupied this year. I hope hope hope they can be with me next year though.

I did have a wonderful donation of gluten free goodies from The Bistro Red Beet. I was worried about gluten cross contamination in my kitchen and Sally, the owner, was kind enough to donate 5 dozen gluten free cookies to the sale. They were very popular with the gluten free crowd and everyone else too. If you are gluten free check out Bistro Red Beet, they are all gluten free.

Thanks to all who donated and commented to win the loaf pans. I will be announcing the winner tomorrow because before I knew it baseball ate up our afternoon and evening and I didn't have any boys to help with the wildebeest winner generator.

Enjoy a few recipes and photos from the sale. I'll post the triple chocolate brownies recipe soon, promise!

My bread box, with simple homemade bread and salted caramel n' peanut cinnamon rolls

 Cake pops and cookie dough truffles.

 Margarita cupcakes. Simply add lemon juice and zest to the batter and lime and lemon zest to a cream cheese frosting. YUM.

Better Than Sex Banana Cake with Cinnamon frosting.

Lemon Roll and Blueberry Boy Bait Cake.

 Gluten Free Cookies from the Bistro Red Beet.

My final product list: Mocha Cupcakes, Margarita Cupcakes, Salted caramel n' Peanut Cinnamon Rolls, Cake Pops, Cookie Dough Truffles, Lemon Roll, Twix Bars, Triple Chocolate Brownies, Banana Cake, 9 Loaves of Bread and Gluten Free Cookies. Could I have made more products? Yes. Would I have sold more? No.

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  1. WHOA. I think $440 all by yourself is AWESOME! We had four (actually five now that I think of it) organizers. I can't believe you did it all by yourself. You rock. Congrats on the bake sale. Did you really make all that food all by yourself? You rock Laura. I bow down to your amazing baking chops.

  2. You did very well!!! I think you would sell a lot more if you changed the location of your bake sale.

  3. Wow! I am so impressed! Great job doing all that baking and raising $440 yourself!

  4. Did you bake all those beautiful loaves of bread??

  5. Wow, way to go on the bake sale! How awesome that you were able to have gluten free goodies too. So often we are left out of these type of things.

  6. Yes I made everything but the gluten free goodies. The bread was easy just braid after the first rise! Coleen, where would recommend? The bookstore has great foot traffic...
    And thanks everyone for you encouraging words.


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