Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Foraging in Alaska


Foraging in Alaska

It's time to get back out there and start foraging for fresh greens. A group of us went out a few days ago in search of edible greens, boy did we score. A day on the mountain with girlfriends and kids is soothing to the soul and so healthy for you.

The fresh air was so wonderful after being inside so much the last 6 months. It felt so good to be free and alive. We saw 6 moose but not one of them bothered us, I'm pretty sure our little group made enough noise to scare them away, who wants to tango with three 2 year olds? Look at these wild things!

Now is the time to be on the look out for fireweed shoots(pick 'em now and they won't be around to make you sneeze this fall), fresh nettles (just pinch the tops off), fiddleheads, devils club tips, twisted stalk and chickweed (gardeners revenge!)

Please follow a few simple rules if you plan to forage:
  1. take someone with you who knows whats what, you don't want to mistake a false hellebore with a twisted stalk
  2. And never ever pick your location clean, pick some from each plant and leave enough for the plant to grow over the summer, over picking will kill your plants
  3. thank the earth for her bounty 
  4. and be sure to use what you harvest
We steamed fiddleheads, fireweed shoots and nettles, then gave them a good dose of butter and a pinch of salt. Delicious.

Peace and Love--


  1. How delicious! I'm going to do the citified version of foraging this weekend, our underground farmer's market. I sure do miss being outside, away from concrete. Thank you a little bit of the country life!

  2. I'm so jealous! I really want to try fiddleheads!

  3. Hey Laura, can you send me your wishlist for cooking.com so that I can place our order? Do you think they'll split it so that half our order goes to you and the other to me? I finally figured out what to buy :-)


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