Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: The Penny Worthy Project


The Penny Worthy Project

18 years to this moment:

My week has been consumed by high school graduation, I'm not complaining either, simply stating a fact. Check it out, party time

the big walk

the diploma and tassel

I did find an incredibly awesome cookbook, when a cookbook has a recipe for spud nut doughnuts and 5 recipes for cheese you buy the book!

I also inherited these beautiful spice jars, wish I knew anything about them.

Christina sent me my auction winnings, lovely FireKing covered fridge dishes. Here is one with some Bean with Salmon Soup, yum!

 Did you win vintage FireKing from me? You might want to check out the The Winner and The Pot to find out the winner, you can also just scroll down too.

How do you live a thrifty life? Laundry on the line, meal plans, thrifty living tips, Etsy Shop, Ebay reseller, frugal living, creative outlets are ALL examples of living thrifty in this life. Please share a link to how you live and thrive in today's world. 

Peace and Love--


  1. Those are great Fire King dishes! I really like the floral pattern on the one. I have a circular one just like it. Great treasures!

  2. Congratulations on graduation! I love the photos you've included :) And the finds, too!

  3. Love those spice jars! I know I've seen them around, and wish I had knowledge to pass along, but alas, I don't. :(

    And congrats on graduation!

  4. Is that your son, he's soooo handsome! Congrats!

  5. Your graduate has such a lovely look on his face, I thought of the,"cat who swallowed the canary"...he looks so pleased and confident with himself. I wish him the best with his dreams and hopes for the future. Tell him he can do it all and to be all he can be.

  6. I have some of those spice jars! They are from the 50s and are the Kromex brand. Do a Google search on them and you will find lots of examples :)


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