Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: What to Feed Your kids in the Summer


What to Feed Your kids in the Summer

When it's hot out and I don't want to cook I still have to, ughhh shot through the heart. Jokingly, I once said I have a few ways to cook meals in the summer. Then I got to looking at it and found out shockingly it's mostly true. I think the original list went something like this:
  • grill everything
  • crock pot everything
  • anything can be a salad
  • hummus is never wrong(and so versatile)
Lets look at these a little closer. I've linked some of my favorite posts to help plan your summer meals, it may be hot but you still have to feed your kids, I think that's a law somewhere.

ONE--Grill everything, yes meat can be grilled, greens can too, vegetables are wonderful on the grill. I love to make grilled pizza and yes it is delicious. If you make it for guests they will be WOWED, my kids are anyway, so guests must be in there somewhere. Hobo Stew is ALWAYS a hit with my kids, fun to make and eat.

Crock Pot everything, even cake. Seriously I make a mean Mexican Lasagne that my kids will hurt each other to get to but something more simple like pinto beans in the crock pot are easy and delicious. Without presoaking and cooking on the stove beans can successfully be cooked for 8 hours in a crock pot and ready to eat for dinner, if you get them in the pot in the morning. Wrap those babies up in a tortilla or simply top with cheese and salsa for a quick meal.

Anything can be a salad. TRUE. We love a mean taco salad with or without meat. Make a VAT of quinoa early in the morning before it's hot. Let it cool, then add chopped tomatoes, feta(makes everything betta!!), chopped cucumbers, olive oil, walnuts, mix well and chill until dinner. Or use couscous or fettuccine noodles. Thai Beef Salad, Cold Thai Peanut Salad and Asian Coleslaw are a few of our family favorites, notice a theme there?

Hummus is easily made at home and eaten with anything. ANYTHING. Tortillas rolled up, crackers, bread, bowls of fresh vegetables, a spoon and best of all your fingers (this is true ask my five year old!) We love hummus and we make it all the time. Cook the beans in a crock pot and you'll save yourself a bucket of money over buying premade hummus. Plus if you make it yourself you can add any spices or other goodies you like, consider chive blossoms a prime flavor ingredient!

So there you are, that's how we eat in the summer, I'm planning on following our food rhythm all summer but working in these hot weather techniques to help me cope with having to feed these people who live with me.

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  1. I love this idea. When I plan menus it feels so much easier when I have a nightly theme such as pasta, rice but I'm going to take it a step further this summer with this idea. Of course I should figure out how to use my slow cooker :-)

  2. I LOVE using my crockpot year round for this very reason. I hate when ppl think of it as a winter thing. It's so easy to be able to throw something in it in the morning - enjoy your summer day, and not heat up the kitchen in the process.

  3. Ooh, now I'm craving grilled pizza and garlicky hummus!


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