Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: The Winner and The Pot


The Winner and The Pot

My husband made a new pot out of bronze last night. That's really simplifying the process though. It's a several weeks long project that starts with a block of wax, a lot of time and creativity. Last night the pot was cast in bronze and brought home. It's rather beautiful don't you think? It's not quite done yet, it has to be sanded down and then it will be done. He's thinking of selling them to Ren Faire reenactors or very small witches.

Anyway I saw the pot and decided it's very first use had to be to hold all the slips of paper for the FireKing drawing.  I had well over a hundred entries in there, all hand written thankyouverymuch, and they looked so small! I guess they were kind of smooshed down in there. But dig away I did. I mixed, I turned and then drew a slip. Yes, if you're keeping up with this drawing I have somehow managed to let my windows of opportunity for 'wildebeests random' name generator to actually work so I finally decided to just do it myself. Hope you don't mind, I'm an honest gal, I promise.

So the winner is V, for Van, from Thrift Core one of my favorite thrifting blogs. Yeah Van! Thanks to everyone who entered, donated or at least thought long and hard about donating. I appreciate each and every one of you. Van drop me an email with your address so I can send you some vintage FireKing and Donsuemor cookies.

Peace and Love--


  1. OMG!! Tell Jack that pot rules! I am forwarding this to my friend Angel. I suspect that like me, she will want one!!!

    Hugs & love to you both!


  2. hey, nice pot! should look real good sanded up.
    Could you send apologies to Del from Me and Rafael... his envelope was finally sent in the mail yesterday. He should get it in 7-10 days they say.
    We got his postcard. Thanks


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