Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: A Birthday Present


A Birthday Present

I've been in love with Flame Le Creuset for years and years, my grandmother had a set and I fondly remember her using them almost daily. I decided a few years ago to buy two sauce pans on ebay. My husband picked up on the fact that I LOVE them all and has set about to slowly but surely add to my collection.

This year for my birthday he bought me a bean pot by Descoware, which is the precursor to Le Creuset and was eventually bought out or driven under by Le Creuset.
I love it.

I have two Descoware skillets in Flame too, I bought them last summer for 10 dollars at a thrift store, completely worth it.

The other pieces are all Le Creuset some second hand, some new, all loved.

Peace and Love--



  1. I am starting to love enamelware. Now that I am back in the kitchen I'm actually ignoring the cast iron and instead using my thrifted and very large Le Crueset pan. I am so in love with this pan. I don't know why but cooking on it is fabulous. And for a bit of history, the first pan that I ever cooked on was the same color as your collection. I used to make friend eggs in it. Ironically on a little electric individual burner on top of our kitchen woodstove. :-) I loved seeing your collection. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Your pans and casseroles look so lovely! I have a Le Crueset casserole in that colour my MIL gave me over twenty years ago and I still use it regularly. I did not know about Descoware being the precursor to Le Creuset - I love the bean pot!! Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Beautiful. I love the vintage Flame Le Creuset pieces, and have scored a few, feel free to stop by my blog and check them out.

    How is the condition on the interior of your various pots?

  4. Great collection, I am building up a little collection of my own, search for "cousances" on ebay, a rival French company that Le Creuset took over, some lovely vintage pieces out there :-)

  5. Awesome set....I have a weakness for enamelware. Love the color!

  6. Nice birthday present! Don't you love it when your husband gets you something you really love?

  7. I am alternating between complete jealousy and utter joy. Mostly joy, because I am so happy you got something I know you will love and get so much use out of! Happy Belated birthday!

  8. I confess I've never given much thought to this kind of thing and now, thanks to you, I am in love with a bean pot! I don't know how I will ever break the news to my husband... come to think of it, he's sort of shaped like a bean pot... maybe he'll take it as a form of flattery.

  9. I love it. I keep finding descoware and Le Creuset here. I am cast iron girl though :)

    I actually have a large Flame descoware skillet and casserole thing listed right now :)

  10. I have a few pieces in black and the caribbean blue. It's just so pretty!

    You have quite the collection in Flame. Happy Birthday!

  11. They are GORGEOUS! Congratulations on the beautiful set, and Happy Birthday!


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