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The Penny Worthy Project

The Penny Worthy Project is my response to tightening our belts.  Everything seems to cost more theses days, how are you getting by? Do you sell on Etsy? Ebay? Thrift shop regularly? How are you getting by on less when everything costs more? Are you creating art, sewing or painting to let your soul breathe? I'd love to know! Leave a comment or a link to your blog post to join in and tell the world how you are making it.

Last week I was musing on what to make into a bracelet, this is what I came up with:

I like it. It's pretty, kinda funky and definitely one of a kind. If you remember a while back I bought a whole bag of old jewelry for a dollar, it was full of cool pieces and some hideous single earrings. This was one of those earrings, removed from it's post and sewn onto a scrap of an old felted wool scarf. I've only had occasion to wear it once but I got several compliments on it.

Our family spent the majority of the week preparing for Art on Fire, an annual art event put on by the Valley Arts Alliance, centered around a massive iron pour. Artists who work with fire come from all over Alaska to show their mad skills. I don't do the pour myself but my husband does.

It's held at the Alaska Transportation Museum and the 10 dollar admission for adults also covers the museum itself. This year we walked through a beautiful old train

 If you're in heading to the Matanuska Susitna Valley you do not want to miss the museum. It is filled with beautiful old things from a steam powered drill rig to the first snow machine. Truly the admission price is Penny Worthy, worth every penny and then some. And if you happen to hit Art on Fire next summer it's like getting a 2/1 deal, iron pour and museum time for one price.

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  1. I didn't know that's what that art show was! How fun! I love the transport museum, we took the kids 2 years ago when we took our "Alaskan vacation" I still think that was one of our favorite vacations ever.

  2. Saturday we went to an auction at an old junk store my mom used to frequent. The man died and his children are selling everything off. We scored some awesome finds. We filled the back of her Expedition, with both seats folded down, for just under $25. My best find was a hand made corner china cabinet for $5. That was the most expensive buy of the day. Some of the random things I'm going to list on ebay, like the AVON aftershave bottle.

  3. Cute bracelet! And I miss rambunctious weekend fun like you've described here. I need to go on a date to a museum in a nearby city soon!


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