Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Just Another Meatless Monday #70 Broccoli Cheese Quinoa


Just Another Meatless Monday #70 Broccoli Cheese Quinoa

Hey What's For Dinner

I planted 25 broccoli plants this year, guess whats booming in the garden? Yep broccoli. I've always felt like we never have enough, we do this year and hopefully we'll have enough to freeze for the winter too. I hope, I hope. This easy lunch dish was planned around what else was in my garden and ready to be used too, you can easily switch up the veggies to use what you have or what's on sale.

Broccoli Cheese Quinoa
2 cups quinoa
4 cups water plus more for rinsing
2 TBSP cooking oil
6 cups broccoli, I cut the stems into bite size pieces and then broke up the florets
2 cloves garlic, crushed, peeled and chopped
2 small zucchini-washed and dried
8 swiss chard leaves-washed and dried
10 leaves of kale-washed and dried
2 TBSP good olive oil
salt and pepper
1 cup grated cheddar cheese

while the quinoa is doing it's thing it's time to start sauteing vegetables
heat a skillet over medium heat and add a TBSP of cooking oil
add the broccoli and garlic, saute for a minute then slice the the zucchini right into the pan
cook and stir until the veggies are just tender, remove to a bowl
add the other TBSP of cooking oil and chop the bottom stems of the swiss chard in and saute for a minute or two
tear the leaves into bite size pieces and set aside
tear the stems out of the kale, tear the kale into bites size pieces
add both the chard and the kale to the pan and cook until wilted, set aside until quinoa is done
when the quinoa is done stir in all the cooked vegetables and the good olive oil
add salt and pepper to taste
serve with grated cheese on the side

Peace and Love--


  1. I love how packed with veggie this is! Thanks!

  2. This sounds like perfect comfort food - yummy and good for you too! Thank you for sharing it, and for hosting :)

  3. Your dish looks so delicious. We would really love it. Thanks for hosting and hope you are having a great day!
    Miz Helen

  4. Good Morning!
    I linked up my Chinese Cabbage Salad. Thanks for hosting!

  5. So many fantastic recipe linked here, I've bookmarked some to make in the future. Hope to come back in a little while with a linky for Monday too.

  6. This is a delicious looking dish. Thanks for hosting.

  7. Broccoli and cheese are a perfect pairing. Quinoa sounds like a good addition.

  8. That's a good idea. Might as well add some healthy grains to the side dish.

  9. I haven't bookmarked a recipe in probably 5 months. Just bookmarked this. You rock!


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