Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: The Penny Worthy Project-thrifted style


The Penny Worthy Project-thrifted style

I've started packing for The Road Trip of Happiness and BlogHer 11, actually making sure everything is clean and ready to wear is more like it. I decided to check my bag rather than force everything in one bag and dragging it everywhere. In preparation for the trip I spent some time laying out my thrifted clothes and snapping pictures before I rewashed them and packed them. I thought I'd share my thrifted style with you'all.

I made these two bracelets

and this one I bought 13 years ago in Mexico.

I love a good necklace, or many good necklaces it seems. None of these are new, I made the peace and love one, the tree was given to me and I bough the circles one last year.

This one was made for me by my dear friend Katie last year when I was speaking at BlogHer Food.
 I'll be wearing it again this year.

I bought this one off ebay from another dear friend Christina who's reselling to fund her wedding(SO COOL).

These are few odds and ends I think I might wear too. We'll see.

Good lord I bought a brand new with tags swimsuit, in {case} I need to swim...Catalina brand

Then we have brown pants and a sleeveless gingham

tank I showed you last week

Pink tank

purple tank dress

Cute brown skirt, bought on clearance last year

Cardigan with sparkle buttons for SparkleCorn party

hippie skirt

gauze shirt

purse was bought new last year I added the felty mushroom

this one I've had for 10 years

and this one I'm upcycling

it looked like this

I'm also taking my glass water bottle to keep from buying any disposable bottles down there.

 Even my makeup bag is thrifted!

 Oh and this vintage Vera scarf.

And I have one pair of jeans I'm taking and I plan to buy one new pair at Old Navy in San Francisco at their flagship store...three stories! THREE.

I have a couple auctions going right now, because apart from buying all my clothes throfted I'm planning to spend money made from reselling.

My thrifted style haul, thoughts? Horrid? Or Awesome? Wait maybe I don't want to know.

 I have purchased new shoe, good ones because mine were worn slap out. I invested in a good pair of Danskos because I need them after my broken ankle and foot surgery. They set me back a pretty penny but considering I spent very little on clothes, under a hundred total, I didn't feel horrible. I can't wear just any shoe now so I had to have good ones. I'll need a good bra too and I bought a pair of spanx. That's the limit on my new purchases for BlogHer 11. I feel great about it.

From beginning to end I have worked pretty hard to make the most of our money and offset the costs with reselling. I'm happy. I'm content. I'm almost ready for the Road Trip of Happiness to BlogHer 11.

Peace and Love--


  1. I hope to link something hopefully, but i wanted to say I do adore the felt mushroom - an idea I may nick if thats okay with you.

  2. Wow you are so much more prepared than I am. I'm impressed. Can't wait to see your outfits in person. What are you upcycling? And why? What did I miss when I've been away from Twitter?

    And the bottle? There's been a good steel one in the check in bags every year so far that I've been. I'm still bringing one for the plane though!

  3. I love the skirt and your jewelry. (Hi Mary!!!!) Also your Raven purse w/ the mushroom?! Adorableee!

    Have fun!!!

  4. I don't use use microwave ever, I make my own bread, cakes and sweets so that my daughter won't eat junkfood. Here in Rome prices are very high so we buy our clothes in the bancarelle (stalls) or Porta Portese the famous flea market). As for food, I save by cooking in a rice cooker. We live in Sicily but are in Rome for the summer and don't have a kitchen. I found you on Twitter and I'm following you there and here from Rome!

  5. I love your bohemian eclectic thrifty style, it reminds me a lot of mine ;) I too like to mix patterns and textures with a dash of whimsy for good measure.

    So jealous of your road trip packing! I need to schedule one of my own asap!

  6. Have your best trip ever.
    Your adornments are dazzling.

  7. Good call on buying the swimsuit new:) We don't know where those things have been!


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