Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: The Penny Worthy Project


The Penny Worthy Project

The Penny Worthy Project is my response to tightening our belts.  Everything seems to cost more theses days, how are you getting by? Do you sell on Etsy? Ebay? DIY? Thrift shop regularly? How are you getting by on less when everything costs more? Are you creating art, sewing or painting to let your soul breathe? I'd love to know! Leave a comment or a link to your blog post to join in and tell the world how you are making it.

I  may have found some thrifty peeps who will be a BlogHer 11, I'm excited to know I won't be the ONLY one wearing thrifted clothes and who made their traveling money reselling. I knew they HAD to be out there somewhere and after following the tweet stream #blogher11 I found 'em. This girl had a garage sale to to fund her trip to BlogHer, she's after my own heart.

I bought this cute top for a DOLLAR

I have a brown skirt or brown pants (both thrifted) I can wear with it. I can also change it up by putting brown leggings under the skirt and top it with a cardigan for evening wear or in chilled rooms. I'm NOT used to air conditioning, except the warming kind that is.

Check out this book I bought for 25 cents, it's listed on Amazon for 35 dollars and up, CRAZY.

I also found these American Dolls paper dolls which are going to be listed on eBay soon. Did anyone else used to have paperdolls? I loved them when I was little.

I LOVE these, LOVE them and I'm not selling them, wow I feel like Gollum there but I LOVE vintage FireKing.

I've been busy in the garden during the past week, so many weeds popping up. And MINT, oh my, mint a go-go here. So I decided to make dream pillows for my sons, all three of them. I picked mint, rose petals, clover, pineapple weed and chammomile from around the property.

I shook out the bugs and set them to dry today in the sun and the wind. When they are dried I'll pop a handful into a tiny pillow for each boy to tuck inside their bigger pillow cases. They smell lovely and should bring good and happy sleep to them.

I've also spent ridiculous amounts of time watching these two babies play. It's disgustingly cute and time consuming but it must be done.

ohh look what mama put in my food bowl a KITTY
I'm also giving away COOKIES for the best BlogHer advice in Haiku, details are here.

Peace and Love--


  1. I hope we get to meet at #blogher11. I'm trying to wear secondhand too! Much of it is secondhand already in my closet, but I did do a thrifting trip last week.

  2. I buy everything 2nd hand! I love thrift shopping and yard sales so I've opened an Etsy store (http://www.etsy.com/shop/practiceintime) to make a little extra $ off it. Gotta buy heating oil soon and my shop proceeds will be able to pay for it!

  3. Love the Fire King as well. Great finds.

  4. OOOOH I would hang on to that Fire King as well, its fabulous!

  5. Laura, this is my first time to BlogHer too & I'm so excited that I was a finalist in the Knorr contest. I'll be wearing some thrifted clothes, I'm sure. Hope to see you there, but it might be hard with all those in attendance. Excited!

  6. I just stumbled upon your blog and shared my latest find - a $2 jumbo bird cage.


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