Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Warm Potato Salad


Warm Potato Salad

The first time I tasted this potato salad I was completely in love, smitten if you will. The tangy dressing spiced with ample basil was such a fantastic surprise I didn't want to stop eating it. The six hungry adults completely demolished it within minutes, so eventually I had to quit eating it. I set to work pretty quickly making my version of the salad and I'm pleased to announce my kids loved it as much as we did. They liked it so much they ate it all too. I think if you DID have leftovers the salad would be great cold but so far we have not managed to have leftovers.

Warm Potato Salad 
1 1/4 pounds red potatoes
1 garlic clove crushed, peeled and minced
2 TBSP good olive oil
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
1/4 cup fresh basil
salt and pepper to taste

cut potatoes to bite size, leave the peels on
cook the potatoes until fork tender
be careful not to over cook--like I did!
when the potatoes are done drain completely
pour into a bowl large enough to mix in or right back in the pan
add the minced garlic right away and toss to warm it through
mix the oil, lemon juice and vinegar together and pour over the hot potatoes
toss to coat
chop the basil and mix into the hot potatoes
taste for salt and pepper add as needed
serve right away

This recipe completely changed my mind about warm potato salad. I always assumed I'd hate them the idea of potatoes with warm mayonnaise was stomach turning. Whew, now I know better, so glad I do.

Peace and Love--


  1. I've always hated potato salad, probably because my mother made it with raw onions, which I despise, and green peppers, which make me sick. With one kid to keep track of, you'd have thought she'd know that. But this might just make me rethink potato salad!


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