Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: BlogHer 11 Road Trip of Happiness


BlogHer 11 Road Trip of Happiness

I flew out last week to meet up with some good friends and drive from San Jose to San Diego to attend BlogHer 11. We spent the night with Valerie and hit the road very early so we could get in early. The trip started with Willie Nelson singing "on the road again", and on we rolled.

Until we hit San Luis Obispo where we ht a jackalope and got a flat tire. OH! 2 miles from town and the bathroom. We piled the luggage on the side of the road and called AAA.

Luna and Valerie

Before we knew it we were headed off to breakfast in San Luis Obispo at the Open Sky Cafe, I had Posole.
 Beingets were consumed, but not by me, I don't like donuts.
Valerie and Heather
We rolled on and on until we hit Pea Soup Anderson's, the worlds LARGEST conglomeration of touristy stuff EVER.

Except Solvang, the Danish capital of America, right up the road. Whoa, I thought tourist stuff in Alaska was bad, um no.

The best thing to come out of these two toursit traps were...are you ready for this? SPARKLE SPIDERS!

On we rolled after lucking out finding abel skeivers, shoot me please, I mean darn!

Holy snarled traffic mess L.A. was horrible to get through and the congestion lasted all the way to San Diego. But oh San Diego was divine, our hotel was fantastic, the view amazing and the friends awesome.

Peace and Love--


  1. I am bummed that I missed this. I didn't hear about it until it was already going on. I live by Palm Springs so it's not like it was a really long haul for me. Was it a lot of fun?

  2. Wow I am envious of it all. I am also liking the Spider Bracelet I so want one.

    I am also admiring Valeries hair colouring, its lovely.

  3. I haven't been to Solvang since 1975. Originally settled by Danes, my grandparents loved the place because there was a store there with their (my maiden) last name on it. Sometimes you just "gotta" roll with the touristy stuff.

    Looks like you had a nice weekend, flat tire notwithstanding.

  4. It was so awesome and I am so glad that I had the chance to go. Best roadtrip eveh!!!!

  5. It was a pretty sweet trip--all tings considered. I'd ride with you again any time. ;)


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