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The Penny Worthy Project--Successful Reselling Tips

I never hit a thrift store this week, I'm on a stuff diet. I have too much and I need to regroup, organize and get ready for a good reselling season. I plan on taking my storage closet down to the bare bones, sort it out, move things around and restock my mailing supplies too. I've been shoveling things in all summer and the neglect is desperately showing. I can't even get the door shut, that's embarrassing. So I thought I'd share my best tips for successful reselling on eBay.

  1. sell what you know--I started by selling a Baby Bjorn front pack, I was thrilled when it topped 40 dollars and completely addicted to reselling after it closed--I had to sell more things, so I did, I sold baby things we no longer needed, my maternity clothing and when I ran out of things I had to sell I bought them and sold them, I was competent in the language of baby clothes, toys and maternity wear therefore I KNEW what people wanted, or thought I did anyway
  2. BUT be willing to step outside your comfort zone if you can afford it, I once bought a bag of Harry Potter figures for a dollar, I didn't know what they were but I figured they might sell and if they didn't I was only out a dollar--they sold for over 45 dollars! I figured if they didn't sell I would donate them back to the thrift store of gift them to someone--this is a fine line to walk because you have to be willing to take a chance,  just make sure you can afford it and that you get rid of things that don't sell
  3. do your research, follow thrifting blogs, connect with fellow thrifters, ask on twitter, research completed listings, follow eBay auctions on similar listings to see how they close
  4. your feedback rating is your golden ticket, it's what you're worth in the selling world on eBay-SO describe accurately, don't be afraid to list imperfections the buyer should always know what they are getting, ship quickly, pack well and leave good feedback for others
  5. THIS IS THE BEST TIP I HAVE use the automated printing labels via ebay, you can weigh your package, pay via paypal, print the label, tape it on and skip standing in line at the Post Office, you get free delivery confirmation, a small discount on shipping and no lines to stand in!!
  6. if all else fails remember labels sell, if it's clean, in good shape from a good label chances are someone somewhere is looking for one of those
  7. I keep a small notebook of odd names that sell well, I'm not old, but some funky obscure very collectible names escape me and I don't want to miss out, I read a lot of thrifting blogs whenever anyone mentions a name that sells well I jot it down and keep an eye out,
Those are my best tips for getting started and staying successful in the reselling arena. Remember too eBay isn't the only place to sell, Etsy has a wonderful vintage community, Craigslist is a great place to buy and sell. On facebook I created a group for buying and selling called the online yardsale group, we have 233 members from our town and the surrounding communities. I started with a few friends and had them spread the word so we could keep a loose group of people who know each other and feel comfortable meeting up. I feel like the group is great success and I'm really pleased with how well it's working.

I have a new blog for giveaways and reviews called Hey Who's a Winner Mom? Go check it out and enter to win a 25 dollar gift card. Don't worry I'll still be doing giveaways here but I have to do some of them over there according to the BlogHer rules. I'm OK with that and I hope you are too.

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    1. I'm a little scared to start the reselling thing -- mostly I donate. I'm afraid of becoming Scary Hoarder Girl!

    2. Great tips. Thanks for sharing. I've got to get a few things listed; it's getting a bit cluttered around here. :)

    3. Great tips, I am trying to work out what sells and so far it seems pretty random, but I will keep trying!

    4. Thanks for the tips! No matter how long anyone has been reselling it is always good to hear tips to help you sell better. I have missed posting in Your Penny Worthy posts! Once I get off of my stuff diet I will be back full force!

      P.S. Love your pesto recipe!


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