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The Penny Worthy Project

Back to posting The Penny Worthy Project, yes! I took a suitcase FULL of thrifted clothes on my trip, and for the most part I wore only thrifted clothes and clothes I already owned. I did purchase a new pair of jeans at Old Navy in San Francisco, it's THREE FLOORS and hard to resist, I swear it sucked me in. I should have resisted because I had a private fitting session with the Lee Jeans ladies at BlogHer and when I was done I got to take the best fitting pair, AWESOME.

I have only been thrifting once since getting home and didn't thrift AT ALL down there, unless you count staying in a Hostel in SF for two nights. I highly recommend Hostels as a way to travel and keep your wallet happy. The Downtown City Hostel had free wi-fi, lounges, a movie theater and free breakfast for folks staying there. And I felt safe, every person coming in the front door had to show ID to go upstairs. The room I had was big and looked out onto Franklin street, which forms part of Union Square only 1 block away.  The hostel is only that one block away from the Cable Car line, I rode that back from Fisherman's Wharf on my last night in the city, it was lovely.

If you go to San Francisco I would recommend buying an unlimited MUNI pass for your travel needs. It will get you on MUNI buses, the Cable Cars, The F Line (a fleet of vintage street cars) and the MUNI trains for one low price. A great deal for all kinds of fun ways to travel. BART is not included in the the MUNI pass so be aware of that.

I have my second post up live at The Mushroom Channel, go check it out! Yummy "Triple Mushroom Strata" is perfect for worry free mornings or even dinner in a hurry. Plus they had nice things to say about the panel I was on, Our food Future: Kids, Cooking and Health, yeah!

Obviously I need some thrifty living motivation, inspire me, remind me, move me, to get back into my thrifty living mode. The wonderful trip to BlogHer and the Road Trip of Happiness to get there were expensive. I need to resell my heart out, so I can build my paypal balance up to a nice fat number again.

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  1. Sounds like you had a blast. Thanks for the thrifty travel tips. My thrifty mind works the same way, in anticipation of expensive trips I'm super frugal and sell/work as much as possible to make up the difference!


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