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The Penny Worthy Project

Well my last baby started kindergarten this week, I'm torn between heart soaring freedom and the sadness of the last lovely sweet baby leaving the nest. But truly he's going to the second best place besides home, a Waldorf Kindergarten. Every day starts with a nature walk through the woods, play time outside, circle time and then a hot grain snack with fresh chopped fruit on top. The kids all bring in vegetables for soup and bread day, they spend the morning diligently chopping vegetables for the soup. Pride and ownership make the soup a complete HIT with all the kids. If my kids have to go to school (and they do for my sanity) this is the place I want them to be. I'm so lucky, we're so lucky.

And on top of that I am a substitute teachers aide for the Kindergarten teacher until one is hired and I'm working weekends at the Alaska State Fair for the Red Beet and volunteering a few nights at the Alaska Farmland Trust booth too. Yep I'm pretty busy and I'm loving it, it really keeps me on my toes.

I picked up 50 pounds of local fresh tomatoes for making into canned crushed tomatoes. I'm doing something great with the peels too, I let you know how it turns out, if it turns out. Harvest is getting under way and I'll need to go pick turnips this week, I didn't grow any this year.

Serene, over at the Mom Food Project had some completely wonderful things to say about me. I'm honored to be featured on her blog for Follow Friday.

I've had no time to thrift shop, have you? The fair will be over in a week, I'll be back in the thrifting mode soon after that, I'm sure. Show me your goodies, I think I'm having thrifting withdrawals. Help a girl out.

Peace and Love--


  1. Laura, you are one busy woman!
    The Waldorf Kindergarten sounds like a wonderful program. I love the group soup day. Many years ago when my only was in school, they did a group soup day; I remember that it was a hit with her as well.

  2. Both my niece and nephew attended the Waldorf school near Princeton Nj. Great place! They loved it...

  3. Th Waldorf experience sounds AMAZING, definitely a wonderful gift for your kiddos! Much better than the public school experience.

    Your life looks busy and full lately. I've been thrifting-up-a-storm because art pals and I are starting up a 2nd-hand shop! Yay! Exhausting!

    Good luck keeping up with things, ma'am!


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