Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: A Journey To What Feels Like Home


A Journey To What Feels Like Home

a simple writing exercise exploring haiku, wabi-sabi and sentimentality--the directions were to write a short piece and interject it with 3 haiku, the goal being to evoke the feelings of wabi-sabi--

The bright September sun is burning down through golden cottonwoods. I follow the the twisting highway to my destination. I dream of the trip. I love this trip. Leaving my house standing alone, I have driven away without a backward glance.

the time had come to
travel on, I make my way
alone always alone

The old pavement hums beneath my tires. Ruts and guardrails are my constant companions. To the bay. To the sea. Kachemak is calling. I am answering, I am coming.

to dance in tide pools
race the swell driven water

Still I journey on and on. It's long, Stirling, Soldotna, Stariski. I thrum by bent on a destination I can't deny. I crest the hill and the bay bursts into view. It feels like coming home.

beach fire hot coffee
wet boots and harvest moon glow
breathe deep salt air

lls 2006

peace and love--


  1. Oh my god, Laura, this is the most beautiful thing I have ever read. I want a copy of it. Truly lovely and potent.


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