Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Just Another Meatless Monday #75 Easy Meatless Meals


Just Another Meatless Monday #75 Easy Meatless Meals

Hey What's For Dinner

I've been working a temporary part time job this last month and it's so hard to keep putting good food on the table. I feel like I want to go the easy route but it's so expensive I can't see working to just spend money on crappy food, I might as well not work. By the way I'm kind of enjoying the part time temporary job and I might just apply for the position, if I get the chance. But back to eating healthy when you have a time crunch. I have fallen back on one of my favorite ways to put good food on the table; cook dry beans in the crock pot.

I buy organic beans from Azure, no GMO beans, no shopping, what could be better? Then I put 2 pounds of washed beans in the crock pot add 2-3 quarts of water and cook on high for a couple hours, then I reduce the heat add more water and cook until done. I cool them in the crock pot, divide them up, freeze them for later use, make burritos or keep them in the fridge.

Why use dried beans? Well first they are the cheapest of the cheap. They are so easy to use and store. They are not overly salty like canned beans. You control the flavors and doneness. And the only things in the beans are what you add. They are good for you. You can easily make up enough beans for several meals with hardly any work. Don't be afraid of dried beans, they are simple to use and taste great once you get used to non-canned beans.

Using them is even easier, faster and healthier than you can believe. I froze 4 cup bags of cooked pinto beans. When ready to use I simply pulled a bag out and let it thaw for a bit, then I added a bit of water to a pan, added the frozen beans and warmed them up. They were ready to eat in 10 minutes, that was just long enough to grate cheese, chop lettuce and tomatoes. A big bowl of beans topped with cheese, lettuce and tomato is a great easy meal. Or you can wrap it in warmed tortillas, put it in taco shells or scoop it up with chips.

Vegetarian can be healthy, fast, easy and affordable. Behold vegetarian homemade pintos and cheese, cheap, healthy, delicious and doable.

Peace and Love--


  1. Really glad to hear you are enjoying your job! Those pintos look so delicious and comforting - what a great autumn supper :) Thank you for hosting!

  2. As a super buuusy person, loving your reminders to cook ahead! I'll try to do some of this tonight. Your ideas sound delicious!

  3. When time is at a premium, I depend upon the delayed timer on my oven. Nothing makes people happier than the smell of food wafting through the house! Glad you're enjoying the temp job.

  4. Great idea to cook the beans in your slow cooker. I am going to give that a try.

    Beans are so versatile and cheap!


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