Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Sausage Making


Sausage Making

Still working on processing the pig we butchered the other day. I set pork bellies, jowls and hocks to cure for smoking the other day. I froze the loin chops and tenderloins. We cut many bags of stew meat. And the ribs we ate right away. We had a lard pan and a sausage pan and added trimmings as we went along butchering. The sausage pan trimmings were ground yesterday and mixed today. We made 6 gallons of sausage. One batch breakfast sausage, 1 batch Italian sausage and 1 batch of a cross between andouille and a Turkish paprika sausage. The hybrid sausage was literally throw everything at it and make it tasty type of recipe, we plan to smoke it with the bellies, jowls and hocks.

Sausage making is best down with friends. It's not only the sausage you are making but the camaraderie of working together, making things work and the companionship. Pus if you don't know what you are doing working together is the best way to learn!
time to mix the sausage

oh dear this gets hard!
The lard was rendering when I got there today, you could smell it when you opened the car door. The three pigs together made 20 pints of lard and a bowl of cracklings the size of which I'd never seen. There were so many that we decided to make crackling jam. Wah. Too good for words.

Long long day, good times, good friends.

Peace and Love--


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  2. Oh holy cow- it looks like it's been a few fun days for you. I wouldn't even know the first place to start to break down a pig. But everything you're doing with it sounds UHMAZING. If only I could be there to smell/taste it all!!

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