Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: You Should Be Really Pissed Off


You Should Be Really Pissed Off

Because you're being ripped off. We all are. Most anyone who uses a commercially available laundry detergent and the included scoop are unwittingly scooping and using 2-3 times as much detergent as needed and even more.
Check it out:
This is how much you need for a regular load.

you should be filling to a certain marked line on the scoop. Way way way way way way down at the bottom of the scoop, where you just really can't believe you might use so little. I mean it's hard to even scoop so little. I had to pour some back 3-4 times to get it so low.

But you're in a hurry so you just scoop, you may not even realize there IS a line on the scoop. (who could be so blind........crickets.......) So you're kids are fussing, the dog is eating something and you scoop and throw it in the wash. How much did you just add? Who cares, the laundry is going and you can do something else, like wrestle that lego out of the dog's mouth.

half full is enough for four loads

You should care. The box of detergent I just bought came with enough for 100 loads to line number one....waaaaaaaaaaaaay down there. Yep at the bottom of the scoop. The second line is for nothing apparently because the box doesn't even mention it. Line number 3 halfway up the scoop is for super heavy duty dirty loads or four regular loads. And the whole rest of the scoop is unneeded. So why is it there? If you fill it to the top that's enough soap for 7 loads of laundry.

Why is the scoop over seven times the amount of detergent that you need? Why not provide you with a scoop that is just enough for one load of laundry? That one scoop can be doubled if you have a super dirty load. It sells more laundry soap, pure and simple. The more soap you scoop, the faster you run out, the more soap you buy.
the scoop full up is enough for 7 loads--I replaced mine with a just the right size scoop, now I can't use too much

I feel like I'm always running out of laundry soap, or I was until now. I just replaced my big huge mega scoop with a 2 Tablespoon scoop and I hope to not run out as fast. But why should that be my responsibility? Why should we have to babysit these big corporations? Because they'll screw us over every chance they can? Or is this mega scoop in the age of ultra laundry detergents just an over sight?

What do you think? Have you felt like you are blowing through laundry soap? Have you looked for the little tiny load lines? Yeah they are there, if you look for them. Would you do me a favor and check your detergent scoop? If it's grossly disproportionate to the amount needed would you let me know? I'm curious. I'm fed up.

Peace and Love--


  1. I'm a soap cheapskate. I go to the bottom line, but sometimes I second guess myself. I appreciate the moral support. I also don't have overwhelming soap smell either, that's always a good sign. I'll have to read my bottle too. The other thing I heard is the dry stuff dosen't always disolve so much of it goes unused, I swapped to liquid a few years back and pour it in under warm water even if I'm doing a cold load.

  2. Wow. I had no idea, so I'm guilty of "over soaping" too. Normally I use liquid, but I don't check the lines on that either.
    I will be sure to check from now on. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. I use the lines. If its whites or crazy dirty, I go for 2 lines instead of one. It seems silly to have the scoops so oversized but I always thought it was intended to help prevent the detergent from spilling (liquid or powder) before you dumped it in the washer. I can see your point though.

  4. thanks for the affirmation.... I alway thought the recommended amounts where way too much.


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