Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Beef and Green Bean Skillet


Beef and Green Bean Skillet

So simple, so fast and so delicious, Beef and Green Bean Skillet makes a perfect lunch. I have been playing with frying green beans for a while now, ever since I discovered them in San Francisco at Henry's Hunan a few years ago. I suppose if someone were willing to pay for it I would eat at Henry's Hunan everyday, it is simply great food. I eat there whenever I'm in San Francisco and try to replicate it at home when I'm not in the city. This is inspired by their Dry Sauteed Green Beans which are so good I would quite possibly shove small children out of the way to get to. What? I said possibly.

Beef and Green Bean Skillet
--serves two
1 pound bag of frozen green beans, still frozen
8 ounces good beef
2 tsp grated fresh ginger
1 tsp garlic powder, or fresh minced
2 good dashes of soy sauce or Braggs amino acids
1 TBSP hoisin sauce

 heat a large cast iron skillet over med high heat, you want the pan hot but not smoking
while the pan is heating open the beans and set them aside
slice the meat into thin strips and then coarsely chop to bite sized pieces
when the pan is almost smoking hot add the frozen beans and stir for about 2 minutes
then add the beef, cooking and stirring for another 2-3 minutes
add the ginger and garlic cook until the beef is done, 1-2 minutes more
add the soy sauce and remove from heat
stir to coat
then stir in the hoisin sauce
serve as is or over brown rice

This was a great lunch for a day that was pouring rain when it should have been snowing. I am not complaining but some little souls in our house were waiting for snow. I am perfectly content to continue 'waiting' for snow.

Peace and Love--


  1. Those pictures are awesome. I can almost smell it through the computer! (^-^) This really looks good!
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  2. I'll have to try this with beef. I always saute my green beans but I use sweet onions and bacon. Hubby would love them with the beef.


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