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I'm Loving

quite a few things right now and thought I'd share a few. First up the new dog containment system, wireless, fenceless and worry free. I bought this with my next to last paycheck from my part time temporary job. I love this thing, the dogs have already learned where their boundaries are and don't even attempt to go beyond them. I bet in a month we won't even need this thing to be hooked up. One "static correction" per dog taught them to listen to the beep and go back home. Due to a minor shipping difficulty we only received one collar, I have tried it on each dog, when they were out together with me one made it beep and they both turned around and headed home. Basically it sets up a perimeter around your home and yard, if they get close to the edge it beeps, then if they continue it corrects them until they return to inside the perimeter. We are all much more relaxed, the neighbors chickens aren't being bothered and our dogs (one at a time until the second collar gets here) are peacefully laying around in our yard instead of plotting escape.

I LOVE Paper Culture, I received a voucher for some product at BlogHer 11 and I can't decide what to pick. Every card, every product equals way too cute and hard to choose. Look at the sheer number of Winter holiday cards and try to pick just one! I can't tell you how many lovely hours I have spent dithering over my choices. If you are in search of cards try them out, this link will tell you all about their awesome dedication not just to their customers but to the earth too.

I'm partial to this one, except it would be my sons in the photo.

One more goodie to talk about. I love this little salt and sesame grinder thing I found on Azure Standard. It's organic sea salt and sesame seeds, you grind it right on your food for super flavor. I love toasted sesame seeds. I ordered it just to try it out and man I love it, actually we all love it.

Peace and Love--


  1. I am more than happy at your post about the puppy solution. We have been seriously thinking about this option, but wondered if it really would work. Thanks so much.

  2. I love seeing new things out there that I otherwise would never know about...thanks!


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