Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: I'm Loving


I'm Loving

this new sample of a Bounce dryer bar I got from Proctor and Gamble. You do not even want to know how static-ky our house is in the cold and dry winter months, so much so that a static shock can light up a room in the dark. I hope this will alleviate that. I just put it in and I'm already feeling happier about not having to buy anything else for 3 months. Sunday is laundry day and I think we'll see a big difference on Sunday night folding laundry, no sticking pet hair or static shocks, fingers crossed.

I love the Bog boots. Yes they cost a pretty penny but they are worth every cent to me. They are neoprene and rubber. They have built in handles so kids can pull on their own boots with no help from me. They are good for fall, winter and spring wear because they are rain boots AND winter boots in one. They are good to 30˚ below zero and with our winters I'm pretty sure we'll be testing that out come January, February and March. Can't beat an all weather boot.

This puppy face.

Seriously does it get any cuter? Well yes it does.

 And these long languishing sunsets, seems like they last for hours these days.

Peace and Love--


  1. I love the Bounce bar hope it works for you, a very cute dog, and some really pretty photos. Liked this blog made me smile.

  2. Does that Bounce Bar taste anything like a Dove Bar?

    Sorry, I'm hungry...

    Cute dog!

  3. Ever since I saw the commercial for these bounce bars, I've wondered how they attach to the dryer drum. If it's a peel and stick thing...does it leave a sticky spot when you remove the bar? I'm just wondering. LOVE the shot of your puppy, how cute is he!?!?


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